Dara Lorenzo

Assistant ProfessorStudio Art

Dara Lorenzo is a multi-media artist based in Printmaking. She weaves together the images from our everyday lives with scrapbook text and layers of color and texture through printmaking, painting and collage design. The photo images in her work are objects that we see in passing on the streets in our urban landscape. There is a reference to the ritual within the paths we take day by day, and the sequence of memories. Dara also combines photographic imagery with text from the jargon in our minds combined with lyrics from songs to evoke a sense of déjà vu or daydreaming. The work is about our connection to our environment and each other, also a reaction to a sense of emotions that we share.

​Dara Lorenzo studied painting at WVU and received a B.S in Printmaking from Towson University and an M.F.A. from San Francisco Art Institute. The artist lived in the Bay Area from 2010-2020, and is currently residing in Baltimore MD, teaching printmaking and drawing at Towson University and Maryland Institute College of Art. She also started an arts gallery named Zo Gallery located in Hampden, Baltimore.

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