Daniel Swann

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Daniel Swann is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Goucher College. Swann completed his doctorate in sociology at the University of Maryland and earned his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University. At Goucher, Swann has taught courses on comparative social media, Generation Z, race and ethnic relations, social movements, wealth, power, and prestige, as well as data analytics. His academic interests include race, atheism and religion, political sociology, and social psychology. He is the author of Qualitative Study of Black Atheists: “Don’t Tell Me You’re One of Those! (2020) and a forthcoming chapter on minority religion in North America in the edited book (by J. Smith and R. Cragun) Secularity and Nonreligion in North America. He also was lead editor and author for the textbook ‘Learning About Sociology and the Sociological Imagination.’ Before joining Goucher, Swann also taught at the University of Maryland, College Park.

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Swann, Daniel. “Emerging National Political Racial Discourse In The Age Of Obama As A Public Figure: How The Right Is Challenging The Bounds Of Racial Rhetoric And Political Discourse In ‘Colorblind America’ ” [Submitted to Contexts Magazine Sep 2016]

Swann, Daniel. “A Qualitative Investigation On Closet Atheists: Stigma, Self-Presentation And A Challenge To Dualism."

Swann, Daniel. “Salience Of The Atheist Identity Across Race.”

Swann, Daniel. “The Atheist Effect: The Effects Atheist Parents Believe They Have On Their Children”

External Awards, Honors, Grants

2016 Most Valuable Professor Award- University of Maryland Women’s Golf

2015 Most Valuable Professor Award- University of Maryland Men’s Wrestling

Most Valuable Professor Award- University of Maryland Women’s Volleyball

2014 University of Maryland College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching (Nominated)

2013 Most Valuable Professor Award- University of Maryland Women’s Field Hockey

Conference Papers & Panel Participation

2018 (Planned) Swann, Daniel. “Politics, Words, and Race. How The Right’s Use Of The Space of Colorblindness Led To Donald Trump” ESS Boston.

2017 Swann, Daniel. “A Portrait Of Black Atheists.” Black Non-Believers of DC.

2016 Swann, Daniel. Panel Discussion on Barack Obama, Black Social Movements, and the Election. With Dr. Rashawn Ray and Dr. Kanisha Bond. Nov 9, 2016, University of Maryland College Park.

2014 Swann, Daniel. “Maintaining The Illusion: Strategies Used By Closet Atheists To Avoid.” Participant Atheism and Religion in the 21st Century - Regular Paper Session

2014 ESS - Presider: Erin F. Johnston, Princeton University

2013 Swann, Daniel. “A Qualitative Investigation On Closet Atheists.” ESS Conference 2013 Religion Roundtable.

2012 Swann, Daniel. “Review of A Qualitative Investigation On Closet Atheists.” InterviewRussia Today: Interview by Jamila Bey, May 2012.

2010 Swann, Daniel. “The Non-Religious Gap, The Potential Future Trajectories of African-American Humanism.” African Americans for Humanism DC Monthly Meetup.

Invited Talks

 2017 Race and Mass Incarceration, Mt. St Mary’s University

2017 Race and Social Movements, Virginia Commonwealth University

Academic or Professional Associations

American Sociological Association                                           

Eastern Sociological Society

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

Association of Black Sociologists

Other Professional or Scholarly Activity

University of Maryland Critical Race Initiative

Contributer to The Sociological Cinema