Citlali Miranda-Aldaco

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Citlali Miranda-Aldaco, a native of Mexico City, is Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies in the Center for Hispanic and Latinx Studies and has been a faculty member at Goucher College for over 14 years. Her research focuses on experiential learning approaches to language learning acquisition and Latinx identity formation. Her extensive higher education experience includes teaching at Johns Hopkins University, the University of Minnesota, and UMBC. At Goucher, Miranda-Aldaco has taught a wide array of courses, ranging from language courses that include intercultural exchanges with native speakers from Spanish-speaking countries, to seminars and CPEs that focus on the exploration of identity, translation and interpretation, and art in revolutionary resistance. In her classroom, she invites her students to create discourses where the principles of human dignity and social justice are extended. Miranda-Aldaco is also an integral member of the campus community and has served on numerous cross-divisional committees such as the technology task force, assessment ad-hoc committee, JED, Latinx recruitment with the office of admissions, LYE committee, and hiring search committees for OGE and the Dean of students, to mention just a few. Finally, her work with students goes beyond the classroom walls. Currently, she is organizing a ‘Latinx Support Group’ focused on the academic, social and professional success of first generation, low-income students.

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Conference Papers & Panel Participation

“Harvest of Empire”, panel participant. Goucher College. March 28th, 2017.

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Woodson High, Fairfax VA. Talk on AP preparation skills

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American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Northeast Modern Language Association

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Oral Proficiency Interviewer (OPI)

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