Aida Ramos-Sellman

Assistant ProfessorSpanish

Aida Ramos-Sellman is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. She completed her doctorate of Education with a specialization in culture, communities and human development. She started teaching at Goucher in 2003.  At Goucher, she teaches language, culture, community-based learning and global courses in Spanish. She is the Coordinator of Placement exams for the Center of Hispanic Studies and Latinx. She has led several language and interdisciplinary study abroad programs in México, Perú, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Spain. Aida Ramos-Sellman es una catedrática auxiliar que enseña cursos de lenguas, cultura y de aprendizaje-servicio solidario en Goucher College. Ella ha dirigido programas interdisciplinarios y de lenguas en Latinoamerica y España.

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Moreno-López, I., Ramos-Sellman, A., Miranda-Aldaco, C. & Gomis-Quinto, M. (2017). Transforming Ways of Enhancing Foreign Language Acquisition in the Spanish Classroom: Experiential Learning Approaches. Foreign Language Annals, DOI:1111/flan.12267

Conference Papers & Panel Participation

Moreno-López, Isabel; Ramos-Sellman, Aida; Miranda-Aldaco, Citlali & Gomis-Quinto, María. “Think outside the Classroom: Innovative Ways of Enhancing Foreign Language Learning.” Paper presented at the Twenty-Second International Conference on Learning at the University of San Pablo CEU, Madrid, Spain. July 2015.

Moreno-López, Isabel; Ramos-Sellman, Aida; Miranda-Aldaco, Citlali. “It is not your Grandmother’s Spanish Classroom: Assessing Different Instructional Methods.” Presentation at the Maryland Foreign Language Association. October, 2014.

Ramos-Sellman, Aida; Moreno-López, Isabel & Gomis-Quinto, María. “The XXIst Century Spanish Courses: Innovative Technologies and Global Education.” Paper presented at the Connecticut Conference of Language Teachers at the CoCo Key Resort. November 2012.

Other Professional or Scholarly Activity

Reviewer of the Spanish textbook Vistas, 5th and 3rd editions (2013 and 2007)- Vista Higher Learning Publishing Company

Reviewer of the Spanish elementary textbook ¡Anda! Curso elemental 2e, 1st edition (Spring 2011)- Pearson Publishing Company

Reviewer of the Spanish conversational textbook Para Siempre, 1st edition (Fall 2010)- Heinle, Cengage Learning Publishing Company