Masters Externship

The Goucher College Student Counseling Center accepts one to two masters students into our externship program each academic year. Trainees will experience a variety of clinical experiences and a diverse caseload.

Clinical Experiences

Trainees work at the Student Counseling Center 12-16 hours each week and can expect to receive 5-6 hours of direct client contact on a typical week. The majority of this time is spent with Goucher students in individual psychotherapy. This process often begins by responding to students’ initial requests for counseling, conducting phone screenings and triage, and performing intakes and psychodiagnostic assessments. Psychotherapy is then provided on a weekly basis following a short-term treatment model with goals of increasing self-awareness, teaching adaptive coping skills, and reducing distress. In the second half of the year, externs also participate in urgent appointment coverage to assist students in acute distress. Externs will also gain experience planning and implementing targeted campus outreach activities.

“Prior to my externship at Goucher, I was full of knowledge, yet lacking in experience. However, at the end of the academic year, I left feeling confident, empowered, and prepared. I was pushed past my comfort zone while simultaneously being met with the support I needed to be successful in each task I took on.”


Masters Extern, 2017



Goucher College has a diverse student population, and the Student Counseling Center is committed to ongoing development of cultural humility and consideration of personal identity factors in psychotherapy. Common presenting problems amongst our clientele include adjustment challenges, academic difficulties, relationship issues, stress management, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief, loss, sexual assault, and concerns related to identity. Because presenting severity ranges from mild adjustment disorders to severe psychopathology, externs will also obtain experience in risk assessment, coordinating treatment with other health professionals (e.g., psychiatric providers), and in some cases facilitating referrals to a higher level of care.

Training & Supervision Experiences

Masters externs will receive a minimum of one hour of one-on-one supervision each week, provided by a licensed mental health counselor. Supervisors aim to help trainees find their own identity as clinicians. Live supervision is also used periodically to assist with clinical development. Externs will also participate in a one-hour case consultation with other staff members each week. Externs will also attend weekly staff meetings on Wednesday mornings.

“I feel very privileged to have had my externship at Goucher. Though initially nervous about giving therapy for the first time, I was immediately made to feel a part of the team of amazing clinicians. Their support and encouragement given through supervision and consultation made me feel very comfortable and was the highlight of my externship experience.”


Masters Extern, 2016


Application Process

Applicants must be enrolled in a master’s program in clinical or counseling psychology, and must be able to commit 12 to 16 hours per week for the entire academic year (August through May). Application materials are due March 1st with interviews beginning mid-March.

Apply for a Masters Externship

For those who wish to apply, a letter of recommendation is required. Please direct your contact to complete the Extern Recommendation Form.

Doctoral-Masters Extern Recommendation Form

For additional information, please contact: 

Lauren Greenberg, M.S., LCPC (she/hers)
Acting Director of Student Counseling Center
Phone: 410-337-3023