Goucher College Venues & Rooms

With the variety of rooms we have to choose from, including a magnificent 900+ seat auditorium, an intimate 2283-seat lecture hall, a state-of-the-art multimedia boardroom, and seminar rooms in our newly renovated academic buildings, chances are you'll be able to find a space that's perfect for your event at Goucher College.


The Sanford J. Ungar Athenaeum is a wide-open space whose character changes from day to day – and sometimes hour to hour – according to the events scheduled. The Hyman Forum stage can be configured for readings, performances, panel discussions, and other public events. The steps leading up from the stage to the main entrance of the Athenaeum are designed to accommodate crowds of various sizes. The Batza Room is an adaptable space perfect for receptions, meetings, and other special events for sizes up to 60 guest with furnished, comfortable lounge seating. Digital signage around the Athenaeum enable visitors to watch Goucher events and other information.

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  • Batza Room

Athletic Facilities

Take a look at Goucher's Athletic Facilities


Goucher Classrooms

Available in varying sizes and configurations, Goucher classrooms are perfect for smaller meetings, lectures, and seminars. A recent renovation gave the building a fresh, modern feel, and several of the classrooms now feature multimedia presentation equipment and Internet connections.

Capacity: 15-55
Configuration: Varies
Uses: Small lectures, seminars, and film presentations
Lighting/Sound: None

  • Most rooms have a computer
  • DVD player
  • multimedia projector
  • connection for a laptop - contact us for information

Accessibility: Restrooms Available



Dedicated in 1963, Haebler is a non-denominational chapel that, in addition to weddings, memorial services, and other traditional ceremonies, makes a gorgeous location for music recitals and chamber music concerts. Haebler's luxuriant appointments include an Italian marble altar, chancel furnishings, and oaken pews with walnut accents. Above the front door is a beautiful rose window, and the room is flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows of silver and blue leaded glass. Haebler seats 325 (with 75 in the balcony) and features both pipe organ and piano.

Capacity: 250
Cost: Please contact Angela McDonald, angela.mcdonald@goucher.edu
Configuration: Inflexible
Uses: Weddings, memorial services, and music recitals.
Lighting/Sound: None
Equipment: Organ, Piano
For accommodations for disabilities call 410-769-5054
Restrooms available on basement level (non-accessible)


Kraushaar Auditorium

Seating 900+ in a continental pattern that affords an excellent view of the stage from any seat in the house, Kraushaar Auditorium is perfect for medium- to large-scale concerts, dance performances, and theater productions. Used in recent years for Baltimore Symphony Orchestra concerts, Goucher's Rosenberg Lecture and Performance series, the annual Comedy Care benefit for the homeless, and many other events, Kraushaar is also great for large corporate meetings and rallies.

Capacity: Up to 960
Configuration: Inflexible
Uses: Theatre, concerts, dance recitals/performances, lectures, and conferences
Lighting/Sound: Lighting and sound reinforcement; additional equipment can be added

  • Drop-down screen
  • Video projector
  • Some dressing room space
  • Marley dance floor (add $500)
  • Piano
  • Choral Risers (add $155)
  • Organ (add $150)

Accessibility: Restrooms Available


Merrick Lecture Hall

Merrick Lecture Hall is a partial amphitheater with convex fieldstone walls and 2283 seats arranged in three tiered sections. With its small size and intimate seating arrangement, Merrick makes a great location for smaller concerts, recitals, dramatic productions, and lectures.

Capacity: 223
Configuration: Inflexible
Uses: Music recitals, lectures, seminars, and conferences
Lighting/Sound: Basic lights and sound

  • Drop-down screen
  • Projectors - overhead and slide
  • Lectern and microphone
  • Video projector
  • Piano
  • Computer and Computer Projection

Accessibility: Restrooms Available


Rosenberg Gallery

Visit the Rosenberg Gallery site for more information.


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