March 19, 2020

Housing/Move-Out Clarification

Dear Residential Students,

We are writing to clarify the message sent yesterday regarding the opportunity to move out of residence halls. Please note that we are offering this opportunity, not mandating it. There is no expectation from Goucher for anyone to pick up belongings over the next few days, it is simply an option for those that are interested.

The options for retrieving belongings are:

  • I plan to pack up my belongings this week
  • I want Goucher to pack and ship my belongings
  • I want Goucher to pack and store my belongings
  • I plan to pack my belongings at a later date

This move-out opportunity is only one option for students and families, and we are working to administer it in a responsible and socially-distant way, according to local health mandates. For those who are not comfortable with this option at this time, there is no problem with waiting to collect your belongings or selecting another option. Many students and families are very concerned about having access to – and moving – items as soon as possible – including some students who have remained in the local area, originally anticipating only a two-week absence.

Residential Life will remain in contact with residential students about our plans, moving forward. We will base additional opportunities for move-out upon response to this initial process, as well as the continued advice of our institutional and local public health resources.

We recognize that this is a time of great stress and want to do what we can to support you. We are committed to working with students to make this process as safe and as accommodating as we can be given current circumstances.


Office of Residential Life