July 6, 2020

Available Student Resources

Dear Goucher Community,

As we have shared in previous emails, campus will look different when you arrive, with measures added to maximize your safety. Adjusting to this new environment, along with ongoing and evolving concerns regarding COVID-19, may feel stressful and overwhelming at times. Therefore, it is especially important to pay close attention to how you are feeling, and to proactively plan for your physical and emotional wellness needs.

To help you get started, here are some of the resources that will be available for you on campus and online during the fall semester. We encourage you to take advantage of these services at any time.

Student Counseling Center

With the start of the fall semester, the Student Counseling Center will resume all typical services via a teletherapy platform. The physical office space will not be open to visitors to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for students and staff. Mental health staff will be on campus and available in the rare instance that a mental health crisis escalates to warranting an in-person session (with physical distancing guidelines in place).

Students can request mental health services by calling 410-337-6481. All services, including crisis appointments, will occur via teletherapy; this includes psychoeducational programming and psychotherapy groups. More information will follow.

As a reminder, the Student Counseling Center is closed until August 15.  For questions about services, please review information on the website; alternatively, the director, Monica Neel, Psy.D., will respond to emails intermittently throughout the summer and can be reached at monica.neel@goucher.edu. To speak with a licensed mental health clinician for emotional support before that date, full-time students may call the College’s dedicated mental health line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (855) 236-4278. 

Student Wellness

Student Wellness will offer appointments through a digital platform during the fall semester. While the Wellness Center will remain closed for general use through the semester, events such as virtual Wellness Wednesdays and online fitness classes will be available.

Students can make an appointment with Student Wellness to discuss overall health and well-being matters, including stress management, sleep, nutrition, substance use, healthy relationships, physical activity, and more. Staff will offer educational sessions on these topics as well as how to navigate campus and the community as safely as possible. These workshops will be available later in the summer as well as throughout the fall.

Student Wellness looks forward to welcoming students back in August. As always, please reach out with any questions you may have at student.wellness@goucher.edu.

Student Support and Outreach

The Office of Student Support and Outreach will work with students via Zoom appointments during the fall semester. Using Navigate, students can easily schedule meetings with staff who are here to connect to resources on and off campus, help with academic and interpersonal challenges, and simply be a place to turn to for guidance and support.

In addition to meeting with students, staff are able to outreach to those who may have concerns during the semester. If you are worried about a student, please email care@goucher.edu to share your concerns, and staff will connect with and provide support for the student. During a challenging semester where we may feel more isolated, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the office or other trusted staff and faculty if you’re worried about yourself or someone else.

Along with many other support services on campus, the office is developing an outreach protocol for students who may be struggling during the semester. The goal is to connect with students, provide intervention or support when appropriate, and refer and connect students with important resources on and off campus.

Student support offices are collaborating to outreach to all returning students to discuss concerns around mental health and wellness, with the goal of ensuring that all students receive proactive support and access to resources. We will continue to share information and resources on a weekly basis that will assist in our return to campus this fall. Please continue to visit our Return to Campus webpage for updates.

Be well.