July 23, 2020

Campus Alert Levels & Isolation Policy Update

Dear Goucher Community,

As we work towards the goal of bringing students back to campus this fall, Goucher has established a color-coded series of alert levels intended to inform the college about the level of risk posed by the COVID-19 virus to our community and the associated public health measures that will be implemented as a result. These alert levels will be based on specific data monitored on the Goucher campus daily and weekly, including testing for and monitoring the prevalence of the COVID-19 virus on campus, as well as other key metrics in the city of Baltimore, Baltimore County, and the state of Maryland.

These alert levels may be applied to the entire college community or a specific portion of the community’s population. For example, should we find the presence of COVID-19 in Fireside Hall through our regular testing of the wastewater/sewage across campus, all residents of this building would follow the measures outlined for the Orange Level until additional testing could be conducted on individuals.

With few exceptions, these alert levels are intended to be fluid, thus allowing us to react quickly to the most current data we have.

Goucher College has also established clear pre-arrival criteria. All criteria must be met prior to any decision to allow students to return to campus. Please take the time to review the alert levels and the Pre-arrival Criteria as this information is critical to our path to reopening.

Finally, we’ve heard your concerns about the previously communicated isolation policy and have updated our Isolation and Quarantine Planning Guide to incorporate feedback and suggestions that we have received from students and parents as well as the latest guidance from public health officials. One of the most significant changes is that the college will now be providing an off-campus isolation unit along with meal service and regular monitoring by Student Affairs staff of any students who have contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We are still advising those students who live within a few hours’ drive from campus to consider making arrangements to return home and isolate while sick but realize that this is not a viable and safe option for many of our students who come to Goucher from afar.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work through a myriad of issues to enable our safe return to campus. As conditions change, we will continue to send updates about our return to campus plan. Please continue to reach out with any questions.

Be well.