April 22, 2022

COVID Masking Reminder and Updates

Dear Goucher Gophers,

The Goucher College COVID-19 Taskforce remains committed to providing updates, recommendations and announcements of required protocols to the community to limit the spread of Covid-19 on campus. Therefore, you must remain diligent about checking your email.  

We acknowledge the commitment of the Goucher community adhering to protocols in the efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 and its variants on campus. However, we are concerned that as of this weekend there are five students in isolation. With only a month remaining in the spring term, we all must remain diligent in our mitigation efforts by masking, handwashing, and testing.

We are not currently mandating masking but strongly recommend all faculty, staff, and students wear N-95, KN95, or KF94 face masks indoors. In addition, there remains ample KN95 masks available throughout campus at no cost to our community members in areas such as the Mary Fisher Dining, Sports & Recreation Center, and the Office of Residential Life in Heubeck. We would also encourage you to purchase additional masks, as needed, for your own use. 

Currently, while we are permitting off-campus guests, prospective students, and their families to visit campus, off-campus guests should always be vaccinated and must adhere to all Goucher College COVID protocols. It includes wearing proper face masks upon entering a building.

If there is a continued increase of COVID-19 spread on campus, the mask requirement and other mitigation protocols may be reinstated. However, the decision to reinstate these protocols are dependent on the entire community continuing to take every precaution to limit their exposure to COVID-19.

For students with questions or concerns about COVID-19 testing please email nurse@goucher.edu. If a student receives a positive test result, they must enter isolation immediately.  Please read the full Quarantine and Isolation Policy.

Goucher College has designated isolation spaces on-campus. However, students may choose to isolate themselves off-campus at their discretion, provided they can travel safely without risk of infection to others. Students choosing to isolate off campus will remain off campus until cleared to return to campus.   COVID-positive students may not attend classes in person, go to the library, the dining hall, etc. Students who fail to follow any of the mitigating protocols or policy are subject to student accountability process.

Thank you and be well,

COVID-19 Taskforce