Dreambuilders. Risktakers. Innovators. Goucher is a community that values curiosity, self-expression, and diversity. Whether you are transferring from a two-year or four-year institution, we welcome and value all transfer students for their distinct perspectives, experiences, and maturity. Get to know some of the students who chose to make Goucher their home.


Brooke Herold '19

Sociology and Anthropology

"Don’t be afraid to not know what you want to do; you will definitely figure it out. Ask questions, talk to professors, join clubs, and push yourself outside your comfort zone.”

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Gaby Roque '17

Sociology Major

“There were a lot of things that attracted me to Goucher College: the campus, the academics, the mission statement, and of course studying abroad.”

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John Sergeant '06

Education Major

"I was on a first name basis with most of my professors. I really enjoyed the small classes that allowed a lot of individualized instruction."

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Kyle Kihn '18

Biochemistry and molecular biology major

“I knew that it was easy to make strong connections and get involved at Goucher and that is something I really felt I was missing.”

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Leigh Engelke ’18

Psychology Major

“The connections I made in our Goucher community were the most important takeaways."

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Maria Brown '03

American Studies Major, Women's' Studies Minor

“For me, coming to Goucher, it seemed like they truly cared about me and wanted me to succeed.""

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Mia Daniels '15

Psychology Major

I ended up applying and being accepted into many schools, but the more I learned about Goucher—i.e., stellar academics, beautiful campus, incredible opportunities such as study abroad—the more excited I became and it really did seem like my perfect fit.

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Pilar Stennis '18

Sociology major with public health minor

"One of the most important aspects of the Goucher experience is how supportive and socially conscious the student body and faculty are."

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Tracy Staples '17

English major with a book studies and studio art double minor

"It doesn’t take long for any Goucher student to recognize that incredible friendships are likely and important conversations are pretty common."

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