Helen Glazer: Walking in Antarctica

Walking in AntarcticaExhibit Dates

Helen Glazer: Walking in Antarctica will be presented at Goucher College’s Rosenberg Gallery in the Kraushaar Auditorium from October 18, 2017 through January 12, 2018.

Artist's Reception

An Artist's Reception will be held Tuesday, November 14, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Rosenberg Art Gallery. Please visit www.goucher.edu/rosenberg or call 410-337-6477 for more information.

About the Exhibit

Helen Glazer spent seven weeks exploring the Antarctic wilderness with her camera, informed by scientific insights into the complex interactions of wind and water that shape the landscape. The exhibition of photographs and sculpture, based on 3D scans, takes the viewer over frozen lakes, around massive glaciers and icebergs frozen into the sea ice, into a magnificent frozen ice cave, up gravel-covered windswept mountains, and through a lively colony of Adelie penguins.