When will my Spring 2014 semester E-bill statement be available? Your E-bill statement will be available online on or around December 8, 2013. Students automatically receive the E-Billing notification but must grant access to parents or any other bill payer at www.goucher.edu/ebilling click on student granting access to receive email notifications, if he/she has not already done so.

When is my spring semester bill due? Your payment is due on or before January 4, 2014. If it is received after this date, a $200.00 late fee will be assessed.

How do I get set up to receive E-Billing? Your student must grant you access to receive the E-billing statements. Have your student go to www.goucher.edu/ebilling, click on "student granting access" to grant you access to E-billing as well as make online payments. Once you have been granted access, you will receive an email from Goucher webpay with a temporary password that you will need to change.                                                                                                                          

How can I estimate my spring balance due? Use the Undergraduate worksheet to calculate the balance at www.goucher.edu/UGWorksheet

How can I pay my balance due? We encourage online (real-time) payments but also accept paper checks and wire transfers as payments. Cash is accepted in the Student Administrative Services office located in the Rhoda Dorsey Center during regular business hours. Please include your student's Goucher ID number (found on the top right side of statement) on all checks. Checks may be dropped off in the drop box (outside SAS office door) at any time. For more payment instructions visit Payment Options.

Can I pay my bill with my credit card? Goucher does not accept credit card payments for undergraduate tuition account payments. However, TuitionPay (Higher One, formerly Sallie Mae) provides a credit card processing service for Goucher College. Please note that they will charge you a fee based on the amount charged. For more information contact TuitionPay: 1-800-635-0120 or go online to www.tutionpaymentplan.com/goucher.

How can I set up a monthly payment plan for the Spring 2014 term? Visit TuitionPay (Higher One formerly Sallie Mae) at www.tuitionpaymentplan.com/goucher. All enrollments must be submitted online. If you have any questions about the plan, call Higher One at 800-635-0120.

What meal plan will be charged on my Spring statement? Returning students are charged the meal plan they selected during the fall semester. New, returning from Study abroad and transfer students will be charged the most popular meal plan, the 150-meal block. To change your meal plan, go to www.goucher.edu/mealchange. Spring semester meal plan changes may be submitted online beginning November 15, 2013 until February 7, 2014. Students should monitor their meal plan use because meals and dining dollars expire at the end of each semester.

What do I do if I need to adjust my Spring statement due to a new meal plan or spring scholarship etc? Submit the spring semester Account Correction worksheet online at www.goucher.edu/accountcorrection

What is the $422 Health & Counseling Fee? This mandatory fee is only charged once per year to all full-time undergraduate students. It provides a health and counseling center on campus for all students who seek medical treatment and/or counseling services.

What is the $175 Student Activity Fee? This mandatory fee covers the cost of activities provided by the Student Government Association (SGA) and student clubs on campus. It is charged once per year to all full-time undergraduate students.

Is Health Insurance required? Yes, all full-time students must be covered by Health Insurance. Students who did not waive or enroll in the Goucher Health Insurance during the fall semester need to waive or enroll in the college insurance plan for the spring term.  This would apply to any student not attending a full-time Goucher program in the fall. The Goucher Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver information will be mailed to your home address in December but is also available on the billing website.  The $811  insurance premium will be charged unless the student waives the Goucher Health Insurance at www.firststudent.com  by the February 28th deadline.  The spring insurance will cover the period: 1/23/2014 - 8/20/2014.

What is a tuition overload charge on my spring statement? Students taking more than 18 credits during a semester are charged $1,282 for each additional credit. Tuition charges will be finalized after the end of the add/drop period (2/7/14).

What does a ($-) negative balance on my statement represent? A negative balance on your statement indicates a credit balance on the student account. This credit may be transferred from your student account to your student OneCard (TuitionPay payment plan credits are excluded from being transferred to the OneCard until the TuitionPay contract is paid in full). Credit balances at the end of the term will be carried over to the next term unless a refund is requested in writing.

What are the OneCard and Gopher Bucks? The OneCard is the electronic gateway to the campus. It serves as a debit card, an electronic key for access to campus buildings, is loaded with your meal plan, and functions as your Goucher library card. It also may be used as a debit card for on- and off-campus spending. Money can be added to this account at any time as Gopher Bucks, which can used to purchase a variety of goods and services including textbooks and food. For details, go to www.goucher.edu/onecard or call 410-337-3115.

What happens if I cannot pay my bill by January 4, 2014? Your student will not be able to attend classes or have access to a residence hall or other college facilities unless the spring balance has been satisfied. Please contact the Billing Office as soon as possible if you need to discuss billing issues (billing@goucher.edu).

Where do I send an overnight payment? There is no need to overnight payments. You can make a real-time secure payment to a student account at no extra cost using Webpay for electronic checks at www.goucher.edu/webpay