Payment Options

Please read this important FRAUD ADVISORY from PDG and VISA if you consider using a 3rd party to make a payment to your College Student Billing account. Expand the Fraud Advisory for 3rd Party Payments section below for more information.

Fraud Advisory for 3rd Party Payments

Fraud Advisory for Payments to Educational Institutions!! Well organized fraudsters are running a scam using social media and word-of-mouth primarily targeting international students at U.S. colleges and universities. The fraudsters offer discounts on school tuition if the victim makes a tuition payment via the fraudsters. Victims are subsequently asked to provide their credentials to the school's online tuition payment portal in order for fraudsters to make a payment on behalf of the victims. A tuition payment is made by the fraudsters and the Victim is able to verify this payment in the school's online portal. The victim then transmits funds to reimburse the fraudsters, only to find out that the tuition payment was made with stolen credit card information, which results in a chargeback of the fraudulent card payment. Fraudsters have successfully recruited unwitting students to help promote this tuition scam to their friends in the student body, adding an appearance of legitimacy. This scheme has resulted in students unable to pay tuition while left with little recourse in recovering their funds. While this scam is concentrated around a few universities at the moment, it is quickly proliferating to other educational institutions.   We urge educational institutions and their law enforcement departments to advise students of this fraud scheme and to strongly caution students to never share their  online credentials with anyone. In addition, students should only use payment methods and third parties approved by their college or university. Students should also advise their parents/guardians not to respond to any third party solicitations for payment of tuition fees at a discount.


Fastest payment option

Make your tuition payment online!

Make a secure real-time online payment to Goucher College using CashNet, our WebPay service.

Paper check or money order

Please note the tuition term and include the student's full name or Goucher ID on the check and remit it along with the top portion of the billing statement. Mailed checks must arrive  by the due date to avoid a late fee.

Mail to:
Goucher College, Student Billing, 1021 Dulaney Valley Road, Baltimore, Maryland, 21204

By Cash

Bring payment to the SAS Office and obtain a receipt. Do not mail or drop off cash after hours — we cannot guarantee receipt of cash by these methods.

By Wire Transfer

International Wire Transfer payments: starting July 12, 2017 we are offering a lower cost option for international wire transfer payments through Flywire. Go to and click on the ‘I want to pay’ box to select Goucher.

Domestic wire transfer payments: please note as of November 2017, domestic wire transfers will be processed through SunTrust Bank.  Please contact the Billing office at or call 410.337.6022 for details.

By Credit Card

Higher One provides a credit card processing service for Goucher College. Please note that they will charge you a fee based on the amount charged. For more information, contact Higher One at 1-800-635-0120 or Higher One Enroll.

Other Payment Options


Fall Semester

Goucher offers a tuition payment plan through a third party, Higher One. They offer annual plans (plans covering the cost of Fall and Spring tuition and charges) and semester plans (just covering Fall or Spring tuition and charges). Payments for these plans are due to Higher One, not to Goucher and are interest free. The May and June annual plans have a $55 enrollment fee and are either a 10-month plan (starting on May 20th) or a 9-month (starting June 20th).  The late July 8-month annual plan, (starting July 20th) has an enrollment fee of $75. Semester plans have a $35 enrollment fee and are either 4- or 5-months. Your Goucher statement will show a payment / credit for the entire amount of your semester plan amount, even though you won't have paid that entire amount yet. While you won't know your exact amount due for the Fall semester in late May, the UG Billing Worksheet can help you get a good starting point, and then the plan amount can be adjusted after you receive your Fall statement after July 8. All plan enrollments must be submitted online. If you have any questions about the plan, call Higher One at 1-800-635-0120.

Spring Semester

Simply visit, click on "Enroll Now." choose the Spring payment plan option and follow the easy steps to complete your enrollment. If you have any questions about the plan, call Higher One at 800-635-0120, and a specialist will be happy to assist you. Higher One Payment plan


A variety of federal and private-based loans are available to both parents and students. Contact our Office of Student Financial Aid at for more information.  You may also visit our Finanical Aid Loan Information page for additional information.