Undergraduate Fall 2014 semester details will be available soon.

Fall E-Billing statement available July 8, 2014

Fall 2014 Payment Due Date: August 4, 2014

($200 Late fee is charged if payment is not received by this date)

 Undergraduate Spring Semester Billing

Please review the following important Billing information.

  • Billing Spring Checklist
  • E-Bill Statement of Account: Students will automatically receive the E-Billing notification on or around December 8, 2013. Students must grant access to parents to receive E-Billing notification prior to 12/1/13. Go to www.goucher.edu/ebilling for instructions. The statement will include: deposits paid, spring charges and financial aid (pending aid not yet credited to the student's account).
  • Meal Plan Options Brochure, Meal Plan Summary/Cost or submit a meal change  beginning November 15, 2013 (deadline to change spring meal plan 2/7/14).
  • Tuition Refund Plan (optional) offered by A.W. Dewars, Inc. Please visit their website for more information.
  • TuitionPay Payment Plan information, administered by Higher One (formerly Sallie Mae.) TuitionPay provides a low-cost ($35  no-interest for 4 or 5 months) payment plan that begins in November or December 2013 and ends in February 2014.
  • Account Correction Worksheet submit beginning 12/9/13 if your Spring statement requires an adjustment (i.e. 529 payment, additional scholarship, meal plan change, etc.)
  • Payment options
  • Students who did not waive or enroll in the Goucher Health Insurance during the fall semester need to waive or enroll in the college insurance plan for the spring term.  This would apply to any student not attending a full-time Goucher program in the fall. The Goucher Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver information will be mailed to your home address in December but is also available on the billing website.  The $811 insurance premium will be charged unless the student waives the Goucher Health Insurance at www.firststudent.com  by the February 28th deadline. The spring insurance will cover the period: 1/23/2014 - 8/20/2014.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: Riding lesson charges and private music lesson charges will be charged to accounts after the class drop period on February 7th. Health Insurance charge will be charged ($811) to the account after 2/28/14 if not waived.

Monthly statements will be available on or about the 15th of February, March, April, and May for accounts with a debit or credit balance. Accounts with a balance due should remit payment upon receipt of the statement. Credit balances are not refunded automatically unless required under Title IV regulations or the student no longer attends the college. All other credit balances will be refunded if requested (see Refund Policy).

Miscellaneous Charges

In addition to the tuition and housing charges, other miscellaneous charges may appear on the student's statement of account. Please email the appropriate department for details.

Health Center charges: email the Health Center: HealthCenter@goucher.edu or call 410-337-6050

Parking Citations: email Public Safety: publicsafety@goucher.edu or call 410-337-6112

Library Fines: email the Library: library@goucher.edu or call 410-337-6360