ChooseWhy Choose This Program?

Why Study Professional Writing at Goucher?

Goucher’s Professional Writing minor features different disciplines in professional writing, including creative nonfiction and journalism, as well as business, professional and technical writing. Our courses prepare students to navigate professional workplace situations by developing rhetorical skills to write and compose in different genres. Students learn to recognize and reach the many different audiences they will encounter in professional and public contexts.

LearnWhat Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

Goucher’s new minor in professional writing offers students the flexibility to major in any field, yet still emphasize their writing. Students working towards a minor in professional writing will develop advanced writing and rhetorical skills by working with a wide range of documents in print and digital environments. Students learn to write grants, blogs, research studies, feature stories, investigative reports, and more.  In addition, students produce and present multimedia projects with an eye toward reaching diverse audiences.

DoWhat Will You Do?

What Will You Do?

Students with professional writing training can find work in publishing, editing, journalism, writing (grant writing and writing for social media), tutoring, communication, marketing, management, and business. Furthermore, this minor prepares students for graduate work in English, rhetoric, business, writing, law, and communication.

Course Curriculum


Program Contact
Phaye Poliakoff-Chen

Full-Time & Half-Time Faculty
Mina Brunyate, Instructor: writing studies

Katherine Cottle, Assistant Professor: writing studies

Susan Garrett, Assistant Professor: writing studies and linguistics

Lana Oweidat, Assistant Professor of English: writing studies

Phaye Poliakoff-Chen, Assistant Professor:  writing studies

Barbara Roswell, Assistant Professor: writing studies

Charlee Sterling, Assistant Professor: writing studies

Kate Welch, Assistant Professor: writing studies

Mary Jo Wiese, Instructor: writing studies

Part-Time Faculty
Brandon Arvesen, Holly Selby

"My future employer was very interested in my Professional Writing Minor.  This Minor made my resume stand out from the other Business Majors’ resumes. During the interview, the hiring committee asked many questions about my Professional Writing Minor, and then they hired me."

 Andrew Marcantonio-Fields

Class of 2017