1. Login to GoucherLearn and Locate Your Course (PDF)
2. Send Email in GoucherLearn (PDF)
3. Goucher Email Forwarding (PDF)
4. Submit an Assignment in GoucherLearn (PDF)
5. Save a Document as a PDF & Submit an Assignment (PDF)
6. Create Your Profile on GoucherLearn (PDF)
7. Notifications, Messages, and Alerts in GoucherLearn (PDF)
8. Wiki Basics for Students (PDF)


1. e-Portfolio Overview for Students (PDF)
2. e-Portfolio Overview Demo (Video)

WebEx Live Class

1. WebEx for Participants (PDF)

Other Resources

1. Technology Quick-Start Guide for Students (PDF) 
2. myGoucher-Access (PDF)
3. Open Educational Resources in Higher Education - Open educational resources (OERs) are digital learning objects offered freely and openly for educators, students and self-learners to use and re-use for teaching, learning and research
4. Access Goucher Library Resources from Off-Campus

Goucher Accounts

1. Change Password (PDF)
2. Email Forwarding (PDF)


Link to myGoucher  http://www.goucher.edu/x35971.xml

myGoucher is a one-stop web page for accessing all types of Goucher information.  Whether you are a student looking for your grades, or a faculty member looking for a class roster, you can find what you’re looking for here. You can also access myGoucher from the Goucher College home page under "Other Important Links." 

Students may access -

  • Academic Degree Information
  • Course Schedule
  • Grades and Transcript
  • Course Catalog Search
  • Course Section Search
  • Billing and Financial Aid Information