E-Billing and E-Billing Access

Goucher billing statements are only sent via E-Billing (email notification). To ensure that you receive the E-Billing statements (your student will automatically receive the statement), have your student click on "Student Granting Access to Others" at the left and "Parent Pins-Add New." You will receive an email from Goucher Webpay with a temporary password.  Be sure to login, answer the security question and change the temporary password, because it is time sensitive and will expire. 

If you are not receiving E-Billing statements, have your student sign you up  to receive future statements. By giving you E-billing access, your student authorizes Goucher's Billing department to discuss his/her student billing account with you, not any academic records.  Any relative or third party who would need access to the student account, should be granted E-Billing access by your student.

Access to E-Billing Statements

Students may view their account activity by logging in to myGoucher.  

Parents, after you've been signed up for E-billing Access (directions above) follow the directions below to view statement

  1.   Click on "Parent Login" at the top right, to view the statements
  2.   Enter your Parent PIN and Password
  3.   At the next window, click on "Student Tuition Account Link"
  4.   Click on "view bills" (at the top)
  5.   To make an online payment, click on "make payment"

Note: If you do not have login credentials or have changed your email address, your student will have to grant you access to the account again.

E-Billing statements are snapshots that are created on a specific date and time. The current balance is real-time information, however, daily student account activity is not available to the parent.

E-Billing Troubleshooting

I did not receive an email notification of the Goucher Billing Statement

  • The notification may be in your spam folder.
  • Your student did not grant you access by signing in to their myGoucher account  click on "Self-Service Home"click on "Finances"click on "CashNet My Account"Scroll down to "Parent Pins" - Add New!, Enter a parent pin (created by student) and parent email address, Use drop down to select "Access & Receive Emails"An email will be sent to you with a temporary password. Be sure to login right away with your temporary password and change the password so your password does not expire.

Go to www.goucher.edu/ebilling

  • You must log in to the Parent login link not the Guest login
  • The system is case sensitive.
  • Your temporary password may have expired if you did not login in a timely manner and change the password.  Reset your login and password by going to www.goucher.edu/webpay, click on the "Forgot Password" link. Enter your PIN and answer to the security question. A new temporary password will be sent to your email.

My Goucher Student ID is not working after I logged in and I'm making a payment.

When entering your Goucher Student ID for making payments enter only the 9 digits; do not enter the letter "P."

I'm a parent, and I can't remember my password.

The billing office does not receive your password information. If you know your PIN number, you can reset your password by clicking here, and then the clicking "Forgot Password" link. If you do not remember your PIN, please have your student reset your login by

  • signing in to their myGoucher account at http://my.goucher.edu
  • click on "Self-Service Home"
  • click on "Finances"
  • click on "CashNet My Account"
  • go to the Parent PINs box at the bottom of the page and edit or delete the current PIN or add a new one

My student's balance is now different from the E-billing statement I received.

Student accounts are updated daily with charges and credits. For example, if your student changed his/her room, meal plan, or purchased Health insurance, the current balance shown on his/her myGoucher account could have changed. Additionally, payments not made online are not viewable through Webpay. The E-billing statements reflect charges on the day the statements are generated. Additional account changes will be sent approximately every month.

Online payments

Online payments can be made 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and are credited to the student account within minutes. Online ACH payments are made using your bank's routing number and checking or savings account number (not the numbers on your debit card) Goucher College does not take credit card payments.

Go to www.goucher.edu/ebilling

  • Click on "Parent Login" at the top left
  • Enter your PIN and Password
  • Click on "Student Tuition Account"
  • Click on "make payment"
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay
  • Click on "Add to Cart"
  • Click on "Checkout"
  • Add your banking information

Should you not have your PIN or password, and want to make an immediate payment, you can log in as a Guest. Guest logins will not have access to any account specifics.

Go to www.goucher.edu/ebilling

  • Click on "Guest Login" at the top left
  • Under Login, enter the student's ID number prefaced by a P (P002.....)
  • Enter the student's last name as prompted
  • Click on "Student Tuition Account"
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay
  • Click on "Add to Cart"
  • Click on "Checkout"
  • Add your banking information

Students can make payments through their myGoucher account.

  • Log into your myGoucher account
  • Click on Finances
  • Click on CashNet My Account
  • Click on "Your Bills" at the top right. This will allow you to view an image of the actual statement.

Parents login (view E-Billing Statement or make online payment using a ACH check)

Guest login (online payment only - no account details available)