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Goucher College offers both a major and minor in business management. A concentration in international business is available to students who major in business management. International business is also offered as a minor to non-business management students. This program trains students to develop analytical and effective communication skills within the framework of a strong liberal arts curriculum. Students are introduced to and expected to practice individual and collective decision making, macro- and micro-level organizational skills, leadership and motivation techniques, and quality control through checks and balances. Business management skills are used in for-profit ventures, not-for-profit organizations, foundations, institutions, educational institutions, and at all levels of government. Students who major in art, dance, music or theatre can add a concentration in arts administration.

Program Contact
Nancy Hubbard | 410.337.3008 |

Center for Education, Business and Professional Studies

Majors: Education, Special Education, Business Management 

Minors: Education, Business Management, Equine Studies 

Concentrations: International Business, Arts Administration, Secondary Education, Pre-Law 

4+1 Accelerated Degrees

Center Director: Nancy Hubbard,


Emily Kagan
Emily Kagan
Getting the call from UFC "was kind of like when Ed McMahon shows up with the Publishers Clearinghouse check at your front door, I felt like I won the lottery."