Advertising is ESSENTIAL for a successful event. You know how to do this...make flyers, tell your friends, post it on Facebook...but here are the other ways we can help!

How can OSE help me advertise my event?

  • Digital signs- OSE can post an ad for you on the digital signs across campus. To do so, please email OSE with a PowerPoint slide advertising your event (or simply send us the text you want included and we will create the slide)
  • For a fee, the Office of Communications can help you design marketing materials for special events. If your organization needs any publicity material for an event, such as postcards or posters, the Office of Communications needs to have 3 weeks' notice. To request help from Communications, you need to complete a Project Form.

Are there any rules regarding advertising on campus?

  • Yes. Please review GSG's Advertising Policy below. If you have any questions, please talk with Stacy Patterson.

 Are there resources on campus for printing posters or laminating materials?

  • Not really.  OSE does have an old poster printer, but clubs need to purchase their own paper to use the printer.  We do not own a laminator.
  • The CTLT only prints posters for academic student projects overseen by faculty.  For more information, please visit their website.

GSG Advertising Policy

Advertising for Club/Organization-Sponsored Events

  • No more than 50 table tents are allowed per event.
  • No more than one twin-size bed sheet (or banner of the same size) can be used per event.
  • Only use designated bulletin boards across campus. No advertisements may be placed on rock/stone work, poles, painted surfaces, or chalk or white boards.
  • Advertisements must be removed within 48 hours of the event.
  • The name(s) of sponsoring organizations must be printed on each poster (refer to policy 4).
  • All club/organization advertising for events that have been funded by the GSG must include on the advertisement in clearly visible font, "This event sponsored by the Goucher Student Government."

Advertising for General Club/Organization Information and Meetings

  • No more than 20 fliers (8.5 x 11) are allowed per organization.
  • All Goucher College radio deejays are allowed no more than 20 flyers to advertise for a radio show.
  • Only use designated bulletin boards across campus. No advertisements may be placed on rock/stone work, poles, painted surfaces, or chalk or white boards.
  • Advertising is allowed to stay up indefinitely as long as the club/organization abides by the aforementioned policies. If another club/organization would like to advertise for an event, the group has the right to move the informational flier to another appropriate location as to make room for the event advertisement.
  • The name(s) of sponsoring organization(s) must be printed on each poster (refer to policy 4).

Chalking Policy

  • All chalking must clearly display the name of the club(s)/organization(s) holding the event.
  • There is no limit on the amount of chalking allowed.
  • Chalking can be placed only on outdoor asphalt and concrete within residential and academic areas of campus. No chalk shall be placed in or on any other locations, including all breezeways.

Contact Information

  • The name(s) and the email address(es) of sponsoring club(s)/organization(s) must be clearly displayed on all methods of advertising.

Campus Mail

  • Campus-wide mailbox stuffing by student clubs/organizations is banned.
  • Mailings may be used only when sent to people on a predetermined mailing list. All persons on such a mailing list must be added voluntarily.
  • Organizations choosing to send mailing may only use a half-sheet of paper (8.5" x 11") for advertising purposes.

Policy Breach

  • Each club/organization will receive two warnings by e-mail for any advertising violation. The third violation will result in suspension of advertising privileges for the duration of the semester. Subsequent violations will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Goucher Student Government and director of student engagement.
  • Any advertising that results in property damage may be brought to the attention of the Office of Public Safety.
  • The Student Empowerment Association's Captain of Public Relations, as well as OSE, are responsible for all enforcement activities.

Special Exceptions

  • The clerk of elections can design and enforce all campaign advertising as outlined in the GSG Constitution.
  • This advertising policy can be temporarily suspended/altered contingent upon a two-thirds approval by the GSG Senate.