The college believes that thoughtful, inclusive strategic planning is essential to its continued progress and success. In the Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education states "An effective institution is one in which growth, development, and change are the result of a thoughtful and rational process of self-examination and planning, and one in which such a process is an inherent part of ongoing activities. The nature and quality of planning are among the basic indicators of institutional strength. At its best, institutional planning stimulates imaginative and creative proposals and approaches for strengthening the institution."

In 2002, the college developed the “Transcending Boundaries Of the Map & the Mind” strategic plan. In order to assess the college’s progress on completing the strategic goals of the 2002 Strategic Plan, a campus committee of trustees, faculty, students, and staff was formed in July 2010. The committee developed a report to assess the college’s progress on the 2002 plan and to provide information and recommendations to the Strategic Planning Group that will begin developing a new strategic plan starting in the Fall of 2010.

In September 2010, a new Strategic Planning Group was assembled of trustees, faculty, students, and staff. Its charge was to think about the future of American higher education and the role of small liberal arts institutions over the next ten years, and to develop a five-year strategic plan for Goucher College in that context. There was an emphasis on soliciting broad community input along the way about how best to assure the college’s intellectual and financial well-being for the long-term.  The Strategic Planning Group developed a Vision statement and a set of issues and questions facing Goucher in the areas of its Academic Program, Campus Life, Facilities, and Finance.

Since we can only achieve our ambitions if we work together, our new strategic plan needed to represent a shared and aspirational vision of our common future. Planning requires us to think deeply and creatively about the challenges that face our college, our society, and our world, and to consult broadly with Goucher's many stakeholders in charting a course that will position our college for continued preeminence in the years ahead.

"Transcending Boundaries and Transforming Lives" represents a transparent and collaborative effort of the Goucher community to articulate our core purpose and values, and to identify ten strategic challenges and opportunities for the future. The new strategic plan was enthusiastically approved by the Goucher Board of Trustees at its October 2011 meeting.