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Manuscript Collections, Goucher College Special Collections

Winslow, C.I.  Papers.

Goucher College Archives

Photograph Collection

Board of Trustees Records

Buildings and Grounds Collection

Bulletin of Goucher College. Baltimore, 1910-1980.

Bulletin of the Woman’s College of Baltimore. Baltimore, 1890-1909.

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The following individuals were consulted for this project

Barone, Linda. Goucher College Facilities Management Project Manager, 1996-
Baum, Sally. Goucher College Athletics Senior Women Administrator, 1979-
Dorsey, Rhoda Mary. Goucher College President 1974-1994, Professor of History
Magnuson, Nancy. Goucher College Librarian, 1987-
Miller, Geoffrey. Goucher College Director of Physical Education and Athletics, 1994-
Warshawsky, Marilyn Southard.  Goucher College Alumnae, class of 1968, President of
         the Goucher College Board of Trustees, 1999-2004, Goucher College Trustee,
Zumbrun, Patte. Goucher College Equestrian Director, 1987-