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Why Study Arts Administration at Goucher?

The demands of the arts manager has grown more sophisticated (beyond connoisseurship), thereby demanding formalized training. The best preparation for a career in arts administration is an academic background enhanced by practical, professional experience. However, most arts administrators learned "on the job" and only 20 percent of working professionals ever completed coursework in arts administration at the undergraduate college level. Goucher is among only a handful of schools in the United States that offers a packaged program of arts administration courses for undergraduates.

LearnWhat Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

Goucher's arts administration program prepares students to pursue professional activities or careers related to managing, producing, or advancing the cultural arts. All core courses feature guest speakers of working arts administrators, which helps reinforce learning from text and lectures and connects them to working professionals. learning is often based on real-life samples and from case studies of existing organizations. The assignments are real-life applications of work that arts administrators do, such as writing or creating mission statements, fundraising letters, budgets, business plan/grant proposals, and organizational assessment or evaluations.

DoWhat Will You Do?

What Will You Do?

Students who pursue a concentration in arts administration complete a minimum of 27 credits (chosen in consultation with the program and that cover both historical/theoretical and studio work) and supplement their major with three courses in arts administration and four in economics and business management. Please note that each program's requirements vary, however some programs offer reduced credits within their majors to accommodate the additional Arts Administration courses. Please refer to the Academic catalogue for more details.


Major & Minor Program Contacts
Arts Administration: Alison Lohr or Nancy Hubbard

Full-Time & Half-Time Faculty
Nancy Hubbard, Miriam Katowitz (’73) Endowed Chair in Management and Accounting, Business Management: human resource management, environmental management, ethics, international business

Part-Time Faculty
Alison Lohr, Director of the Arts Administration Concentration

Affiliate Faculty
George Delahunty, Mark Hiller, Elisa Koehler, Daniel Marcus, Matthew McConville, April Oettinger