Limited Residency MA in Management

Goucher's MA in Management program is an interdisciplinary degree that provides students with the skills necessary to guide organizational decision making and be successful leaders. It is a degree for students who refuse to be boxed in by old disciplinary boundaries, and want to learn with like-minded people.

Successful leaders are increasingly called upon to respond to dynamic challenges and identify new opportunities. Goucher's MA in Management program equips students with the language, tools, and experience to manage people and resources effectively, manage risk, and meet the needs of their stakeholders. With exposure to the best tools for business, non-profit and government students can effectively build partnerships across sectors and find unique ways to create value.

  • Goucher's distance learning, limited-residency format is what makes us unique. Not only are online classes convenient for our students, but they also allow you to work in your community while working with the best faculty from around the world. Our residencies are really special, providing a forum for intensive face-to-face collaboration and camaraderie in an atmosphere of rigorous learning.
  • Our distinguished faculty bring years of experience to inspire you, help you generate new ideas, and refine your existing ideas into a polished final product-a real-world marketable portfolio that showcases your passion, creativity, and skills.

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