A student’s academic career in the Master of Arts in Historic Preservation program culminates in a written thesis.  Each student selects a topic in consultation with faculty during Thesis Proposal and works with that faculty member and two other thesis committee members who are experts in the topic selected. 

Below are abstracts of theses completed in the Master of Arts in Historic Preservation Program.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the full thesis, please contact the director, MAHP Program, rwagner@goucher.edu

Abe, Kimberly Ruth. Mapping a Paradox: The African-American Cultural Landscape in Antebellum Baltimore County, Maryland 

Adams, Carolyn Greenfield. Holding on to Heritage: Preserving Baltimore County’s African-American Cultural Heritage

Balduf, Thomas. Adaptive Reuse of Nineteenth Century State Hospitals for the Insane

Benedict, Robert Creighton. The Impact of Encroaching Development Upon Endangered Civil War Sites within the Lowcountry of South Carolina  

Bennawit Jr., John F. Tobacco Warehouse Culture in Lancaster City, PA: Interpreting Tobacco Heritage

Bivens, Matthew Scott. The Historic Private Places of St. Louis, Missouri: Enduring Urban Forms

Brandi, Richard.  A Reevaluation of Urban Renewal in San Francisco.

Braun, Julie. Change as an Historic feature in the Preservation of Places Related to Sience and Technology

Breslauer, Kenneth Charles. Preservation Strategies for Historic Commercial Roadside Tourist Attractions in Florida 

Bretz, Karen E. Preservation Issues Related to the Peter Pan Cannery in Dillingham, Alaska

Brigham, David Harold. Privatization of the Army's Historic Resources: An Examination of  the Effects of Privatization at Fort Sam Houston,Texas on Historic Properties

Bryant, R. Tod. Finding a Balance: the Rehabitilitation of Historic Buildings for Low-Income Housing

Calarco, Dominic. Modern Adobe: Preservation of Pre- and Post-World War II Residential Construction in Southern California

Callender, Dara. The Use of Railroad Economic Theory in the Design of a Highway : The Pulaski Skyway in the State of New Jersey

Casey, Barbara A. San Diego's Asian Pacific Thematic Historic District: Defining the Goals in Revitalization of an Ethnic Historic District 

Cosmides, Marian M. Identifying Success Factors for Heritage Tourism Progams in Small Cities and Towns

Cooper, Imogen BillingsA Preliminary Identification of Historic Postwar Residential Subdivisions in San Antonio, 1945 To 1964

DeFeo, Leandra Making History Green: A  Study of Geothermal, Wind and Solar Power in Historic Homes

Dennison, Samantha J. Pre-War Public Post Offices of the Treasurey Department and their Preservation in the Nation's Capitol

DiBella, Gina M. Curtain Call: The Role Of Historic Theatres In The Revitalization Of Erie Canalway Communities

Dietz, Duane "Where the Wild Things Were:" Preservation Strategies for Pre-1980 Outdoor Zoological Animal Exhibitsin the United States

Eakins, Jan M.  To Preserve Our Recent Past: Protecting the Bellevue Forest Subdivision  in Arlington County, Virginia

Edwards, Carrie EllenThe Current State of Interior Documentation: Will It Satisfy a Reconstruction Goal?

Ellis, Beth A. Defining the Social and Economic Benefits of Increased Accessibility for Historic Commercial Properties

Ellis, Christopher R. Encouraging the Use of Accurate or Appropriate Colors for the Interiors of Historic Residential Properties

Epler, Carole W. A Historic Preservation Plan for Exurban Counties in Pennsylvania with Particular Reference to Berks County

Farris, Lorin Quality of Life Indicators Evident in Historic Residential Districts

Felber, Lynette Industrial Storytelling: Preservation and Adaptive at Waterfront Redevelopments in the Puget Sound Region of the Pacific Northwest

Filicetti, Paul N. Identifying and Preserving Symbolism: Montana's County Courthouses

Forsman, Leonard Andrew. The Dyes Inlet Indian Communities: An Analysis of the Historic Significance of an Off-Reservation Settlement

Fuller, Katherine J. Populuxe Motels: Preservation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and the Wildwoods, New Jersey

Gaddis, DavidForgotten Outposts: World War II Japanese Military Structures and American Pacific Battlefields

Gladhill, Elizabeth L. An Investigation of Historic Conservation Districts as a Viable Option for Saint Paul, Minnesota

Greenway, John Understanding the Relationship Between the Public and Professional in Contemporary Historic Preservation

Gordon, Suzanne CThe Importance of Sugar Estates to Sense of Place on Nevis, West Indies

Grisi, Mark.  The Automatic Gas Machine Era, 1853-1923 : Analysis of Improvements in Patented Illuminating Devices and Processes

Handler, Ann Kennedy. Astronomical Heritage In A Spatial Context: Completing The Turn

Hankin, Lisa Bush. The Economic Value of Preserving Historic Interiors 

Hare, James K. Design Review and New Construction in the Charleston Historic District

Harper, Jenny Breaking Bread: The Application of a Sustainable Rural Development Model for the Preservation of Cultural Landscapes in Shenandoah County, Virginia

Hart, Ann Bonnette. Factors That Influence Revitalization of Older Neighborhoods: Historic Preservation and Renewal Issues Facing Palmetto Beach, a Neighborhood of Tampa, Florida

Hart, Thomas G. Gazetting in Kenya: A Comparison to American Preservation Strategies

Hein, Pamela Dale. Planning for Successful Adaptive Use of  American National Guard Armories

Higgins, Melinda G. Preliminary Plan for Preserving Muddy Creek Forks, Pennsylvania

Hilliard, Josephine AntoinetteShould Plazas Be Preserved?

Horowitz, Ann D. The Effects Of Sea Level Rise On Historic Districts And The Need For Adaptation

Horne, Brian Joseph. "Hopstoric" Preservation: Craft Brewing And Historic Downtowns

Horstman, Anne H. Women Volunteers in Historic Preservation: Four Virginia Case Studies, 1966 to 1996

Huddleston, Connie MariePreserving and Interpreting Historic Archaeological and Architectural Ruins within Private Developments

Hutchinson, Leigh Ann. Habana Vieja: Reinforcing Current Preservation Philosophies and Programs to Endure Potential Challenges That Will Arise in Transitional Cuba

Jacoby, Robert. Legal Challenges, Cultural Traditions And Preservation Strategies For Historic Rural Churches In Northwestern New Jersey

James, Diana E. Collaboration As a Strategy to Enhance a Heritage Tourism Program in King County, Washington

James, Jennifer Irsfeld. Historic Preservation as a Component of Community-University Urban Neighborhood Revitalization

Jorjani, Aimee Seeking and Determine Impacts: Justifying Federal Competitive Historic Preservation Grant Programs

Kassman, Michael J. Developing the Qualifications Standard for the Preservation Craftworker

Kirn, Laura A Case for Storied Landscapes: Wilderness and Historic Preservation

Klassen, Emily K. Effects Of Tourism On The Preservation Of Global Heritage Sites: Two Case Studies

Klobucar, Barbara J. The Influence of Pullman: Railroad Passenger Coach Colors, 1900 - 1940

Lione, Brian Michael. "Fairly Comfortable:" Temporary Officer Housing at Camp A.A. Humphreys, Virginia, 1919 - 1922  

Lytle, Melanie D. The Management of South Africa's Heritage for Nation Building in the Post-Apartheid Era

Magnuson, Rosalind K. Ecclesiastical Architecture of Francis Henry Fassett In Maine

Mantay, Amy Trexler. An Evaluation of the Preservation of World War I-Era Planned Communities

McGinn, Timothy H. How Has the Evolution of Paved Road Systems Impacted Rural Historic Districts? Waterford Virginia: Case Study

Michailof, Sarah Grace. Can Transit-Oriented Development Accommodate Preservation Goals? A Study of Historic Structures and Districts in the Vicinity of Washington's Metro Stations

Mingus, Nancy Blumenstalk. John Hopper Coxhead: The Client Connections

Papa, Jillian J. Preserving Intangible and Traditional Cultural Heritage at the Local Level

Paulhamus, Katharine A. The Economy of Preservation: A Sustainable and Resilient Industry in North Carolina During Periods of Economic Downturn

Perunko, Jennifer M. The Bank of Alexandria: An Influence in Commerce and  Architecture in Alexandria, 1792 - 1834 

Peters, Ronald Luther. The New Mexico Military Institute: Development of Its Campus Plan and Architectural Style from 1890 - 1930

Phillips, David John. An Analytical Study for Preserving U.S. Army Barracks Constructed between 1880 and 1940 

Pickrel, Debra J. Wright Renewed: Two Views Reconstructing the Architect's Buildings in America and Japan

Russack, Thomas E. The Development of an Introductory Preservation Masonry Training Program for High School Age Students

Sale, Jennifer.  Steeling Home: Defining Authenticity and Integrity for Prefabricated Homes.

Scantlebury, Margaret. The Preservation of Napa Valley's 19th Century Agri-Industrial Landscape

Schliesman, Rolene R. North Dakota's State Historic Sites Registry: State-Level Approval Authority over Alteration and Demolition

Scott, Leigh.  Encore: New Life for Historic Movie Theaters

Selkowitz, Ira C. How Tourism Has Shaped the Preservation of Three Historic Mining Towns: Virginia City, Nevada, Black Hawk, Colorado, and Breckenridge, Colorado

Smith, Fred Rhodes. Restoration Reconsidered: Historical Accuracy of the Kitchen at Adena, a Federal Period House Museum 

Snediker, Quentin Thomas. Impact of Regulation on Historic Vessels in Underway Service

Stettner, Arianthe C. Put That Barn to Work! Can the Heritage Barns of Routt County Embrace Change?

Stewart, Kenneth Alan. Preserving Cultural Landscapes in Palm Beach County, Florida

Tate, David M. Managing Historic Trails through Wyoming

Tracey, Tobin Neal. Thomas M. Howard and James Hunt Nineteenth-Century Housewrights: An Examination of Their Work on Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Wallace, Edith B. Reclaiming Forgotten History: Preserving Rural African-American Cultural Resources in Washington County, Maryland 

Weeter, Joanne. Preserving Carnegie Libraries in Louisville Kentucky 

Wheeler, Lynn Ellen. Are Traditional Tools and Techniques Applicable to the Preservation of Lake Geneva, Its Economy and Its Heritage? 

Wilson, Teresa I. Preserving St. Mary's County Tobacco Barns: The Influence of the Tobacco Buyout and the Changing Economic and Agricultural Landscape 

Wright, Jr., Ray W. Standards of Restoration in Museums That Use Architecture in Their Interpretive Programs

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