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The breadth of historic preservation is reflected in the Master of Arts in Historic Preservation program at Goucher College. Founded in 1995 as the nation's first limited-residency graduate program in the field, our students have included long-time preservationists who wish to add to their knowledge, professionals in related fields who seek to specialize in historic preservation, as well as those who wish to change careers. Specifically designed for students who cannot, for family or professional reasons, attend traditional on-campus programs, courses are conducted electronically and by telecommunication during traditional fall and spring semesters. On-campus residency requirements are limited to two-week summer sessions.

The program consists of required and elective courses including a thesis. During the first summer residency, students develop an individual course of study tailored to their interests. To accommodate work-related and family obligations, students may elect to complete the program in as few as three years or as many as five.

The faculty for the program is drawn from the nation's leading historic preservation practitioners and academics. Serving as tutors and mentors rather than traditional lecturers, the faculty meets with students during the on-campus summer residencies as well as maintains close contact throughout the off-campus semesters. They provide students with a depth of experience, as well as academic rigor.

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Fall 2016: April 18, 2016


January News

The Master of Arts in Historic Preservation Program, Goucher, along with federal preservation agencies and national non-profit preservation organizations, is hosting the 7th National Forum on Historic Preservation Practice: A Critical Look at the Next 50 Years, to be held March 18-19, 2016 at Goucher. 

Emily Utt (MAHP 2103) Curator of Historic Sites for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints has completed a two year project to reconstruct the heavily fire-damaged Temple in Provo.  The Temple will be open to the public from mid-January to early March and rededicated on March 20.

Jason Flatt (MAHP 2014) was elected to the Marinette, WI City Council in December.  Trained as a naval architect, Jason left his position with the last remaining large shipbuilders on the Great Lakes to found Fairchild and Flatt, an historic preservation and engineering consultancy.

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