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Looking for an internship or employment? Goucher Recruit houses all of Goucher’s internships, non-local part-time employment, and all full-time employment opportunities for students and alumnae/i.

The Goucher Professional Network Career Webinars helps you maintain your professional edge by giving you the chance to hear alumnae/i experts discussing various career topics. Live webinars are hosted each month, but recorded webinars are available online and you can access them anywhere.

The Goucher Professional Network on LinkedIn serves as a professional networking resource for the Goucher Community to promote intellectual and professional discussion on career related topics. Join GPN to connect with others in the Goucher Community and broaden your network!

GoinGlobal allows you to learn about opportunities, companies, and customs abroad.  


Woofound, a visual personality assessment, helps you get to know yourself better -and figure out what careers match who you are as an individual. Compass is accurate, fast, fun, and easy to take. And it uses the data it gathers about your personality to make career recommendations just for you.


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Internship Deadlines

Click here for requirements and to download the Internship Learning Agreement. Deadlines for academic internships are listed below for the 2015-2016 academic year.  
September 2, 2015- Fall I 2015
October 23, 2015- Fall II 2015
December 11, 2015- Winter 2015
January 29, 2016- Spring I 2016
March 25, 2016- Spring II 2016
June 10, 2016- Summer I 2016
July 8, 2016- Summer II 2016

Students completing a Summer 2016 internship that is unpaid or low paid/high cost for academic credit should consider applying for the Goucher Intern Fellowship. For elligibility details and more information click here.