The Career Development Office is designed to help students and alumnae/i find and pursue career paths and passions that combine their values, interests, and skills. We are committed to providing holistic and innovative approaches to life planning and job skill development by creating a welcoming space and providing a full range of services, programs, resources, and opportunities.

Looking for an internship or employment? Goucher Recruit houses all of Goucher’s internships, non-local part-time employment, and all full-time employment opportunities for students and alumnae/i.

The Goucher Professional Network serves as a professional networking resource for the Goucher Community to promote intellectual and professional discussion on career related topics. Join GPN to connect with others in the Goucher Community and broaden your network!

Login to your Goucher Recruit account to access Going Global; a resource for those wanting to live and work abroad. 

Woofound's Compass, a visual personality assessment, helps you get to know yourself better -and figure out what careers match who you are as an individual. Compass is accurate, fast, fun, and easy to take. And it uses the data it gathers about your personality to make career recommendations just for you.

Uncertain about what major is the right fit for you? Take a look through 84 different majors to learn about the fields that they apply to, general employers who hire those majors, and strategies to help you in those fields.


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Tuesday, April 22
Goucher Intern Fellowship Deadline 
Apply to receive funding for academic internships conducted during Summer 2014. Click here for elligibility and application information.