• Log onto http://onecard.goucher.edu using the username and password you use to log into e-mail or the campus network. 
  • Secure deposits to your OneCard can only be made by using a VISA, MasterCard, or American Express card.
  • You can use http://onecard.goucher.edu to check on your Dining Dollars, Gopher Bucks deposits, purchases, and balance.
  • You also can give friends and family their own password and access to your account so they can view your activity, make deposits, or use the automated attendant credit card process without your assistance.

If you have problems making a deposit, please contact the OneCard Administrator at OneCard@goucher.edu, (410) 337-3115 or 1-800-GOUCHER, ext. 3115, or the central Controller's Office at ext. 6060.