Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary exploration through which students examine the social construction of gender and sexuality as well as the material impact of those constructions on the lives of women and men. We offer historical, contemporary and transnational analyses of how women in many different situations experience the dynamics of power, oppression and resistance. Employing a comparative approach, students explore how gender intersects with issues of nation, geographical location, histories of colonialism, culture, religion, sexuality, class and race. The Program focuses on the nuanced historical processes through which women, men and transgendered people live out gender; the set of institutional and ideological practices that shape it; and the concrete processes and political moments through which inequities are transformed.

Department Chair
Jeanie Murphy | 410-769-5029| jeanie.murphy@goucher.edu


Tianna Mignogna
Tianna Mignogna
"I was able to take ideas from the classroom and watch them truly matter and play out in real life."