Psychology is a diverse and highly interdisciplinary field of study that involves the application of systematic methods of inquiry to the exploration of behavior, mental processes, and social relationships. The Department of Psychology has as its mission to educate students in the core knowledge and skills of the discipline of Psychology, together with Goucher's unique perspective that reflects a history and tradition of respecting diverse viewpoints and methods. This education contributes to the overall mission of the college as a liberal arts institution, "to prepare students within a broad and humane perspective for a life of inquiry, creativity, and critical and analytical thinking." Read more.

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Dr. Jennifer McCabe |410.337.6558|

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Summer Science Research: Values of Work

Jackie Buckman '14 and Victoria Rain '14 discuss collaborating with a faculty member on a psychology research project this summer.

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Grant Shprintz
Grant Shprintz
“Goucher taught me communication skills, how to think from different perspectives, and how to think critically. It didn’t prep me for a career: It prepped me as a human being.”