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The curriculum in both Political Science and International Relations is designed to provide a rich and diverse understanding of the character of politics and public policy in communities ranging from the city to the international system. Courses explore both theoretical and practical aspects of politics and the processes by which policies, rules, and political cultures are contested and established.

Within the context of a liberal arts college, the department gives special attention to preparing students for careers in government, politics, public interest organizations, law, and journalism, as well as providing training useful for those wishing to pursue graduate or professional degrees. Certification for teaching social studies in the secondary schools may be based on a major in political science or international relations. Political science and international relations at Goucher seeks to sensitize students to the role of the active citizen who is responsibly assertive in the community.

Program Contact
Nina Kasniunas | 410-337-3012 |

Center for People, Politics, and Markets

Majors: Anthropology/Sociology, Economics, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, Environmental Studies: Environment and Society concentration

Minors: Anthropology, Economics, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, Environmental Studies

Concentrations: Health and Medicine, Social Justice

Center Director: Jamie Mullaney, 


Meagan Meyers
Meagan Meyers
"You’ve been giving an awesome opportunity to explore your career path through a short-term job in the real world … make the most out of the experience."