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Goucher is known for its strong community of writers and readers.  

English faculty teach courses in British, American, and international literature, as well as in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.  In our department, readers and writers come together to learn from one other and from the rich tradition of literature in English.   

Students may choose to major in English with concentrations in either literature or creative writing.  Three minors are available: a general minor in English; a creative writing minor; and a professional writing minor. 

Graduates of our program have distinguished careers as authors and in a variety of professions, including law, teaching, and publishing. 

Program Contact
Antje Rauwerda | 410-337-6218 |

Center for Humanities

Majors: American Studies, Art History, English (with concentrations in literature, writing, creative writing, secondary education), History, Philosophy 

Minors: Art History, English, History, Historic Preservation, Book Studies, Philosophy 

Center Director: April Oettinger,


Jen Fordyce
Jen Fordyce
“Moving somewhere and participating in the indigenous culture in an authentic way—just learning—has been a pretty incredible experience.”