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Goucher offers a major and a minor in communication. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of communication history and are provided with the means of mastering the language of our mass media. They are challenged to develop a critical view, with an emphasis on ethical judgments about the most current media issues. Academic and theoretical classes are supplemented with skills-oriented coursework, applied internships, and research activities, as well as TV studio, field video, audio, and new media production classes.

Extracurricular work with campus television and radio stations, the student newspaper, and blogs also enhance the academic training. Students are encouraged to pursue specific interests in television and film studies, radio and television production, print and radio and television journalism, photography, advertising and public relations, popular culture studies, and new media.

Program Contact
Daniel Marcus | 410.337.6224 |

Center for Art and Media

Majors: Studio Art, Communication and Media Studies 

Minors: Studio Art, Communication and Media Studies 

Center Director: Matt McConville | 


Morissa Rothman-Pierce
Morissa Rothman-Pierce
“Goucher instilled a full-throttle attitude in me, and I was surrounded by people who were always doing things.”