Goucher provides great learning opportunities in a great environment, and the college has a history of being a transformative place. But students, circumstances, and the value of a college education are changing. While there is more and more content freely available on the Internet, the importance of discernment, analysis, discovery, skepticism, and critical thinking is only increasing. Future graduates will need to be even more prepared for a life of continued learning. That is the primary job-and traditional strength-of a liberal arts education: We prepare the mind for the unknown.

Goucher College is now embarking on a path to rethink its unique version of a liberal arts education for the 21st century. Like other liberal arts colleges, we offer small classes, community engagement, study abroad, excellent faculty, a beautiful campus, and significant financial aid. The ability to be truly different and more innovative will matter more every day. What we are asking now is what can Goucher really do better than anyone else?  

My job is largely to function as a "curator of risk." I don't teach the classes (actually, I will teach some) or balance the books. Other people keep the day-to-day operations running smoothly. The best I can do is to make sure we enroll promising minds, hire great people, and encourage everyone here to build something important. In this time of great challenge and opportunity in higher education, I ask everyone in the Goucher community to help create a culture that rewards innovation of all types.  

I am really enjoying getting to know and work with everyone at this great institution. I look forward to learning and hearing from alumnae/i during my Presidential Listening Tour about how to make Goucher even better. And I look forward to talking with prospective students who want to discover their potential and become an active member of our diverse and involved student body. 

José Antonio Bowen, PhD, FRSA
President, Goucher College

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