CCRT Members



Current Members

Stacy Cooper Patterson – Associate Dean for Community Life

Kayhla Cornell – Assistant Registrar for Graduate Studies

Maggie Elligson – Director of Employee Relations

Brandi Ferrebee – Admissions Counselor

Rob Ferrell – Graphic Designer, Video Specialist – Communications

Lauren Greenberg – Counselor – Counseling Center

Arnelle Hanley – Director of Accessibility Services

Brian Kelly – Men’s Lacrosse Coach

Charles McLean – Associate Director for Facilities Management Services

Monica Neel – Director of the Counseling Center

Ava Norris – Associate Director of Administration for Graduate Programs in Education

Jean Perez – Head of Sports Medicine, and Senior Women’s Administrator

Emily Perl – Assistant Provost for Integrative Learning

Phaye Poliakoff-Chen – Director of the Writing Program, Assistant Professor

Rick Pringle – Professor of Psychology – Climate Assessment – Lead

Peejo Sehr – Director of the Academic Center of Excellence (student support)

Janet Shope – Associate Provost – Professor of Sociology – Climate Assessment – Lead


Karen Sykes – International Student Advisor

Cynthia Terry – College Chaplain

Micah Webster – Associate Professor of Mathematics – faculty chair

Andrew Wu – Associate Dean of Students and Interim Director of Athletics