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Here are a few tools to help you maintain some sense of normalcy and control, and to help you develop a plan for success, both inside and outside the (online) classroom.

  • Build a rhythm that reflects your normal daily routine: wake up, get dressed and ready for the day, and build-in breaks throughout your work. Be sure to schedule things like social interaction, exercise, and self-care, and allow yourself the ability to adapt the schedule as you learn more about your needs.

  • Create a space that is dedicated to school, even if it’s just a corner in a room.

  • Stay active and practice mindfulness activities to help mitigate depression and anxiety, while improving cognition and confidence.

  • Try to communicate proactively and honestly if you’re sharing physical space with others. It’s helpful to talk through a plan of how you’ll manage shared space before conflict arises, and to talk through where you anticipate you will have needs.

  • Manage your energy and be mindful of the way in which you eat, engage in self-talk, and communicate with others. Self-compassion and self-care will be key.

  • Maintain connection through technology, and utilize video chat and other platforms to stay connected to friends, family, and professors. Or, go a different route and write a good, old fashioned letter to a friend or family member.

  • As you have the capacity, consider using this time to do something for which you’ve not previously had time – learn something new, commit to a goal you’ve been chasing for a while, or reconnect with someone.

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