Campus Use & Visitor Guidelines

Campus Access & Visitors Protocol Fall 2020

* The following protocol is reflective of the campus alert level on August 20, 2020. If this protocol is strictly followed, the College may be able to ease restrictions and make additional spaces available once the campus alert level improves.

  • This information shall apply to all students, faculty, staff, visitors, contractors, delivery personnel, or any other persons attempting to access the college campus.
  • Goucher College will limit the number of students, faculty, staff, and visitors entering the campus to only those who’s physical presence on campus materially enhance performance success, the College’s operations, or student support services. Examples include, but are not limited to: Students authorized to live in on campus housing during the fall 2020 semester, prospective students, Campus Operations staff or vendors, staff needed to care for horses, or faculty with specific pre-approved campus activities. If a visit to campus can be delayed until the spring semester without negatively impacting the operations of the College, it should be re-scheduled.

Any staff members able to successfully telework are asked to do so. Any persons who self-identifies as high-risk for severe effects from COVID-19 is asked to speak with your supervisor and Human Resources about teleworking accommodations.

Every person accessing the campus will be stopped at the security gate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The campus safety officer at the gate will verify that the person is either a student, member of the faculty, staff, or an approved visitor. This will be verified via presentation of the Goucher OneCard or the visitor being listed in the Envoy visitor tracking system. The gate officer will verify that the person is aware of the expectations for all accessing the campus, has an approved cloth face covering, and is listed as having been authorized to access the campus.

The campus safety officer will also have a short list of questions to ask each visitor regarding their health and possible exposure to COVID-19. The officer will have the right to deny access to campus if these questions are not answered satisfactorily, or if the person is not willing to abide by campus expectations, even if pre-approval has been authorized.

The Envoy visitor tracking system has been deployed for use by faculty and staff to request approval for campus visitors. The Envoy system requires the following:

  • Requestor’s name and department
  • Visitor's name and company name (if applicable)
  • Visit date, time range, building(s) and/or room(s) they will visit
  • Purpose of visit

Request for visitor approval can be submitted in as little as one hour before the anticipated arrival, but must have advance approval from a Cabinet member.

Detailed Campus Access & Visitors Information


Only students approved to live on campus during the fall 2020 semester are permitted to come and go from campus. Approved students must present a Goucher OneCard for access to campus at all times. Students are encouraged to practice safe hygiene, social distancing and use face coverings while off-campus, to reduce exposure. Students registered for the fall 2020 semester, but not authorized to live in on campus housing, will not be granted access to campus without prior written authorization form a Cabinet member.


Staff should continue to work from home as they are able and only visit campus when it is necessary to maintain the agreed level of service to our students and prospective students. Faculty will be required to submit the specific space requested and a schedule for accessing the space. Faculty with prior authorization to use instructional spaces and offices will be granted access to these spaces on a limited basis.

Student’s Guests or Friends

Students will not be permitted to have guests or friends on campus. In rare cases special approval can be given by the Dean of Students.

Student Engagement Vendors

Access for all outside student engagement vendors will be suspended for the fall semester.

Faculty/Staff Guests

No guests should be accompanying faculty or staff (family emergencies could be considered for exception, with prior approval from supervisors/HR).

Guest Speakers

No guest speakers or external partners will be used or granted access to campus. All such engagements should be made virtually.


Once students return to campus; families will not be allowed to visit student’s on-campus.

Student Support Network (SSN)

This group will be allowed to have access to campus; specifically their building.

Pilates Students

Pilates students and instructors will be allowed access to campus for classes. The Pilates program must supply a master list of all Pilates students and a schedule for classes to Campus Safety for use at the gatehouse to facilitate access. Pilates students and instructors must adhere to all health and safety guidelines and minimize any contact with Goucher students, faculty, and staff.

FMS, Post Office, Bon Appetit Deliveries

Vendors will be required to condense planned deliveries as much as possible to create fewer trips to the campus. In advance of visiting the campus all vendors will be provided with expectations to be followed while on campus. Access will be managed using the Envoy system.

Event & Event Guests

External events will not be hosted on campus in support of limiting visitor interactions with students, faculty, and staff.

Admissions Guests

The Office of Admissions will be permitted to have scheduled on-site visits with prospective students. For these visits the following measures will be implemented:

  • While on campus, visitors to admissions should follow all established health and safety guidelines.
  • Weekends and self-guided visits by car should be considered to minimize interactions with existing students, faculty, and staff.
  • When necessary parties should be limited to the prospective student and one parent.
  • Planned tour groups should be limited to groups of less than 5 families.
  • Admissions must use a very specific route for the tour and keep records of all attendees on each tour in case we have to support contact tracing in the future.
  • Campus Operations must be notified in advance of any planned interior spaces used on the tour as to ensure the appropriate cleaning and disinfecting services are performed.

Community Access

Community visitors (neighbors who utilize trails and loop road for exercise) will not be permitted on campus. Clear signage will be posted at all trail entrances, area near the pond, and unmanned gates.

Alumni Visitors

Alumnae/i interested in visiting campus are encouraged to connect virtually, or reschedule for the spring semester.

Community-Based Learning & Futuro Latino Learning Center

All on-campus/off-campus direct service programs will be suspended for the fall semester. No external guests should access campus for the purposes of Community-Based Learning. Where possible, groups are to transition to virtual engagement offerings. The Futuro Latino Learning Center has already transitioned to virtual classes and programming for the fall.

Counseling Center Volunteers

Only essential volunteers will be allowed onto the campus.

Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program (“Post Bac”)

Post Bac students will be granted access to campus for use of exterior spaces such as the trail and athletic fields, but must present a valid OneCard at the gatehouse.

Food Deliveries/Ride Share Services

Food and ride sharing services will be permitted to enter the campus to provide services to the students living in Welsh Hall. Drivers should avoid exiting their vehicles. Clear signage will be in place to direct drivers to the proper drop off/pick up locations. The location is identified along Loop Road at the rear of Welsh Hall.

Athenaeum & Library Visitors

Access will be available to students authorized to live in on campus housing during the fall 2020 semester, starting from 9 to 5 weekdays. The daily operating hours and schedule may change based on utilization and other factors.

*EXCEPTIONS: Other than the groups listed above only emergency personnel such as police, fire and medical services will be granted access without pre-approval.


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