Campus Use & Visitor Guidelines

Campus Access & Visitors Protocol Spring 2022

Residential Students

Actively enrolled residential students for the fall 2021 semester are permitted to come and go from campus. Students must present a Goucher OneCard for access to campus at all times. Students are encouraged to practice safe hygiene, social distancing and use face coverings while off-campus to reduce exposure to COVID-19. While on campus, Students are expected to abide by the current student code of conduct and participate in any testing or contact tracing programs implemented by the College.

As of September 10, 2021 at 5pm, residential students may start visiting other residence halls.

To maintain inter-hall visitation, the following practices must be adhered to:

  • You are responsible for letting your guests into your residence hall.
  • You must remain masked while in other residence halls, unless in a student room.
  • We are discouraging the use of bathrooms in other halls. Our wastewater testing is by building and this impacts our results.
  • Only residential students are permitted to visit other buildings at this time.
  • Gatherings in individual rooms or apartments should not exceed the following standards, according to fire safety regulations:
    • Singles: four people
    • Doubles: six people
    • Suites/Apartments: 13 people

Goucher College will continue to conduct wastewater surveillance testing twice weekly until we deem there is minimal risk in discontinuing this practice.

Residential students will be tested individually for SARS-CoV-2 virus should their residence hall report a positive wastewater test and students who test positive will be isolated.

Commuter Students

Actively enrolled commuter students for the fall 2021 semester are permitted to come and go from campus. Students must present their Goucher OneCard for access to campus at all times. Students are encouraged to practice safe hygiene, social distancing, and use of a face covering while off-campus to minimize their exposure to COVID-19. The Athenaeum will be available to all commuter students who wish to remain on campus to participate in their classes which remain virtual. If the demand for space in the Athenaeum is greater than the spaces available, additional spaces will be identified for this purpose. In addition to the Athenaeum, WIFI access is available outdoors on the Alumni House patio and the Athenaeum courtyard on the Alumni House side of the building.

Student’s Guests or Friends

Students are permitted to have guests and friends on campus and they must abide by all college policies and guidelines. 

On October 1st we will re-assess wastewater and our baseline and determine if outside guests may start visiting the halls. Until that time, approval for outside guests to visit inside the halls can be given by the Director of Residential Life, Dean of Students, or Vice President of Student Affairs.


Faculty/Staff should continue to work from home as they are able and only visit campus when it is necessary to maintain the agreed upon level of service for our students and prospective students. Any facility needs outside of normally scheduled class times must be entered and approved via EMS, the college’s room scheduling software. Faculty/Staff coming onto campus must also participate in any COVID-19 screening or contact tracing programs implemented by the College.

Faculty/Staff Guests

No guests or visitors should be accompanying faculty or staff without prior approval from a Cabinet member and those visitors should then be entered into Envoy.

Admissions Guests

The Office of Admissions will be permitted to have scheduled on-site visits with prospective students. For these visits the following measures will be implemented:

  • While on campus, visitors to admissions should follow all established health and safety guidelines.
  • Weekends and self-guided visits by car should be considered to minimize interactions with existing students, faculty, and staff.
  • When necessary parties should be limited to the prospective student and one parent.
  • Planned tour groups should be limited to groups of less than 5 families.
  • Admissions must use a very specific route for the tour and keep records of all attendees on each tour in case we have to support contact tracing in the future.
  • Campus Operations must be notified in advance of any planned interior spaces used on the tour as to ensure the appropriate cleaning and disinfecting services are performed.
  • Admissions tours should make all attempt to avoid any area actively occupied by Goucher students.


Once students return to campus; families will not be allowed to visit student’s on-campus. Emergency access may be granted through the Dean of Students office.

Alumni Visitors

As of 4/27/22, all faculty, staff, students, and outside guests are required to wear N-95, KN95, or KF94 face masks while indoors on campus. In addition, all visitors to campus should be fully vaccinated and boosted.

Visiting Athletic Teams

Visiting athletic teams will be permitted on campus for the purposes of competition play only. Visiting teams must go through a specific testing regiment and follow specific protocols as defined by Goucher College, the Landmark conference, and/or the NCAA. No external spectators will be permitted on campus.

Dance, Music, and Theater

The department of Dance, Music, and Theatre may resume classes, rehearsals, and performances while complying with the latest operating protocols, which will also comply will all CDC and governmental guidelines. External guests and visitors will not be permitted on campus for any DMT activities. Goucher students, faculty, and staff may attend in-person performances while continuing to comply with the latest CDC and government recommendations, and if current metrics and Goucher alert level status allow for in-person activities.

For details, view Policies and Procedures for Performing Arts at Goucher College in the time of COVID-19 (PDF)


Student Engagement Vendors

Access for all outside student engagement vendors will be suspended for the spring semester.

Guest Speakers

No guest speakers or external partners will be used or granted access to campus. All such engagements should be made virtually.

Student Support Network (SSN)

This group will be allowed to have access to campus but will be confined to their building which is not used by students or any other campus entity.

Pilates Students

Pilates individual sessions will continue but will be limited to one student per hour, group classes will remain virtual. Pilates students will enter the Pilates studios at a designated entrance which will take them from outdoors directly into the studio, and have been asked to remain in their vehicle until their scheduled session time. All students and instructors will be reminded that if they are not feeling well, have a fever, or exhibit any of the symptoms of COVID-19 as defined by the CDC, they should refrain from coming onto campus. All instructors and participants will be required to wear a mask and make every effort to maintain 6 foot distancing at all times. Equipment will be cleaned in between each session and will also receive a deep clean at the end of each day.

FMS, Post Office, Bon Appétit Deliveries

Vendors will be required to condense planned deliveries as much as possible to create fewer trips to the campus. In advance of visiting the campus all vendors will be provided with expectations to be followed while on campus. Access will be managed using the Envoy system. No delivery driver or vendor will be granted access to campus outside of their approved date and time shown in the Envoy system.

Events & Event Guests

External events will not be hosted on campus in support of limiting visitor interactions with students, faculty, and staff.

Community Access

Community visitors (neighbors who utilize trails and loop road for exercise) will not be permitted on campus. Clear signage will be posted at all trail entrances, area near the pond, and unmanned gates.

Community-Based Learning & Futuro Latino Learning Center

All on-campus/off-campus direct service programs will be suspended for the spring semester. No external guests should access campus for the purposes of Community-Based Learning. Where possible, groups are to transition to virtual engagement offerings.

Counseling Center Volunteers

Only essential volunteers will be allowed onto the campus with prior approval and entry into Envoy.

Food Deliveries/Ride Share Services

Food and ride sharing services will be permitted to enter the campus to provide services to the students living on campus. Drivers should avoid exiting their vehicles. Clear signage will be in place to direct drivers to the proper drop off/pick up locations. The locations will be identified along Loop Road.

Athenaeum & Library Visitors

Access will be available to currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff. No external access to Athenaeum will be permitted.

Space Use Guidelines

Faculty and students will have access to classroom spaces for the scheduled class times only. If certain facilities are needed outside of officially scheduled courses, all spaces must be requested and approved via the campus’s room scheduling software, EMS. The Athenaeum will be open and available for use without a reservation, students should abide by all current guidelines and protocols while in any common spaces. Students and faculty will be responsible for cleaning the space after each use using a cleaning kit provided in each room by Campus Operations.

Responsible Departments

External Visitor Approval

  • Provost
  • Dean of Students, Director of Residential Life
  • Vice President of Communications and External Relations
  • Associate Vice President for Human Resources
  • Vice President for Advancement
  • Vice President for Finance and Administration, Controller
  • Vice President for Technology and Planning
  • Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Vice President for Campus Operations

Gate Management

  • Director of Campus Safety, Shift Commander, Gatehouse Officers

COVID-19 Policy Violation Report