COVID-19 Alert Level: Yellow




In addition to Green Level criteria, Yellow Level will be also used during the first two weeks that the community is back on campus.


  1. Regional rates of infection (5-9% positivity rate for 14 days); and/or
  2. Increasing or stable regional hospital capacity for 14 days; and/or
  3. 21-40 residential students who are quarantined for a two-week period; and/or
  4. Stable wastewater positivity within two percentage points of baseline for two weeks; and/or
  5. 25-50% of isolation space filled


In Yellow, the following guidelines should be considered:

  1. Classes – In classes, faculty should stay in the two-foot zone at the front of the classroom, behind the plexiglass if possible. No students should be allowed in the instructor’s space in the classroom.
  2. Dining – Dining is open with prepackaged meals and with physically distant seating at a restricted capacity.
  3. Residence Halls – During the first two weeks, all residence halls will be considered Level 2, which means they will be closed to visitors. Any Yellow alert after the first two weeks will result in halls functioning at their assigned level (Level 2 = no visitors, Level 1 = visitors allowed).
  4. Dining – Staff and faculty should not use Mary Fisher Dining.
  5. Common areas open with physical distancing measures and occupancy limits in place.
  6. Athletics—Phase 1 & 2: The SRC will be opened to student athletes and academic classes only.
  7. Student Life – The Athenaeum will be opened according to their plans.
  8. Student Life – Extracurricular activities may be held with up to 10 people.
  9. Student Life – No indoor in-person recreational fitness classes.
  10. Student Life – Tabling is allowed with only two people present at the table and physical distancing occurring.