COVID-19 Alert Level: Red





  1. Regional rates of infection or other metrics that require the state and/or county to shut us down and/or implement stay at home orders (15+% positivity rate for 14 days); and/or
  2. 80+ residential students who are quarantined for a two-week period; and/or
  3. 5+ unrelated cases; and/or
  4. 75% or more of isolation space filled; and/or
  5. Inability to test or contact trace; and/or
  6. Wastewater positive in three or more buildings; and/or
  7. Increase in campus wastewater positivity (greater than 5% from baseline); and/or
  8. Indication of outbreak among staff/faculty resulting in 30% or more absent from work; and/or
  9. Insufficient supplies for cleaning and PPE


In Red, the prevalence of COVID-19 on campus or in the surrounding region is too high and the college will need to put the following measures into place ASAP:

  1. Transition to online learning.
  2. Send students home that can return home safely.
  3. Continue to support students who must remain on campus in quarantine, isolation, or because they aren’t able to safely travel home.
  4. Essential staff on campus only; implement telework of non-essential staff/faculty.
  5. Cease all other extracurricular activities.