COVID-19 Alert Level: Orange




Orange Level should be used mainly as a temporary stage while assessing level of infection.


  1. Regional rates of infection (10-14% positivity rate for 14 days); and/or
  2. Decreasing regional hospital capacity for 14 days; and/or
  3. Increase in COVID-19 in the main campus sewage that hasn’t yet been isolated to a specific building; and/or
  4. Increase in wastewater positivity (2-5%); and/or
  5. 41-80 residential students who are quarantined for a two-week period; and/or
  6. 50-75% of isolation space filled; and/or
  7. Anticipated shortage of supplies for cleaning and PPE; and/or
  8. Increasing concern about the number of tests available; and/or
  9. Evidence the campus community is ignoring baseline public health measures


In Orange, the following additional public health measures should be considered:

  1. Classes – Classes should move into online classes whenever it’s possible.
  2. Residence Halls – No visiting residence halls that are not your own.
  3. Common areas throughout campus are closed.
  4. Minimize exposures/close contacts as much as possible.
  5. Encourage students/faculty/staff to follow strict public health guidelines.
  6. Dining – Dining will continue to only offer prepackaged meals.
  7. Dining – Staff and faculty should not use Mary Fisher Dining.
  8. Athletics—The SRC and Athenaeum will be closed for community use.
  9. No in-person meetings should be held unless approved by the divisional VP.
  10. No in-person events should be held.
  11. Student Life – No tabling allowed.
  12. Essential staff on campus only; implement telework of non-essential staff/faculty.