COVID-19 Alert Level: Green




  1. Regional rates of infection (less than 5% positivity rate for 14 days); and/or
  2. Community number of new cases per 100,000 persons within the last 7 days is less than 10; and/or
  3. 20 or fewer residential students who are quarantined for a two-week period; and/or
  4. Stable wastewater positivity from baseline for two weeks; and/or
  5. 0-25% of isolation space filled.


In Green, the following guidelines should be considered:

  1. Classes – In classes, faculty may move in the classroom at their discretion, but should not hover over or be in a student’s personal space. Students may come to the front of the classroom for presentations and/or to use the lectern.
  2. Athletics—The SRC will be opened with certain restrictions in place to the general Goucher population
  3. Dining – Dining room restrictions may be lessened.
  4. Common areas open with  physical distancing measures, masking, and/or occupancy limits in place.
  5. Special Events – Special events may occur with approved plans in place.
  6. Residence hall guest visitation may be restricted. The Office of Residential Life will provide specific details on the restrictions.