COVID-19 Testing Plan for Students

Updated August 10, 2022

This plan covers all undergraduate students and students in the postbaccalaureate pre-med program, graduate assistant coaches, and international graduate students. 

Surveillance Testing

Goucher conducts regular wastewater surveillance testing throughout the academic year.

Students are required to participate in surveillance testing when they receive notice.

Symptomatic Testing

Students who develop any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 must contact the Student Health Center immediately and quarantine in their room until they receive further instructions.  The Student Health Center determines the need for COVID-19 testing and performs testing accordingly. 

The Student Health Center has both rapid and PCR tests available.  PCR tests are sent to a local lab and the student’s insurance is billed, consistent with all lab testing performed in the SHC.

Quarantine & Isolation

Goucher follows the CDC guidelines for quarantine and isolation.

Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 is placed in isolation for at least 5 days.  Only residential students are allowed to isolate on-campus and commuter students must not come onto campus at any time while they are in isolation.  Students who live alone in a room with a private bathroom are allowed to isolate-in-place in their room.  Students who have a roommate and/or do not have a private bathroom are moved into the College’s isolation space.  If both roommates test positive and have a private bathroom, the students may isolate-in-place together.

Students must continue to mask until day 10.

See the Quarantine and Isolation Planning Guide for Students (PDF) for more information.

Failure to abide by and participate in the testing plan and/or to adhere to quarantine and isolation guidelines may result in being removed from campus housing or the college.