COVID-19 Alert Levels

Goucher College has established a color-coded series of alert levels intended to inform the college community about the level of risk posed by the COVID-19 virus to our community at any one time and the associated public health measures that will be implemented at each level. These alert levels will be based on specific data monitored on the Goucher campus both daily and weekly, including testing for and monitoring the prevalence of the COVID-19 virus on campus, as well as other key metrics in the city of Baltimore, Baltimore County, and the state of Maryland.

These alert levels may be applied at any time to the entire college community or to a specific portion of the population within the community. For example, should we find the presence of the COVID-19 virus in Fireside Hall through our regular testing of the wastewater/sewage across campus, all residents of this building would follow the measures outlined for the Orange Level until additional testing could be conducted on individuals.

With few exceptions, these alert levels are intended to be fluid, thus allowing us to react quickly to the most current data.

Activities by Alert Level

Within each alert level, there are additional public health measures that should be considered based on the level of COVID-19 infection on campus.

Blue Alert: Normal

Green Alert: Low

Yellow Alert: Moderate

Orange Alert: High

Red Alert: Very High Alert