December 4, 2018

Add/Drop/Withdrawal Dates for Spring 2019

The Spring 2019 add/drop period begins on Friday, November 16. At this date, all students will be able to register and make schedule changes. 


Current students who have been authorized by their adviser may register and add/drop spring courses online, that do not require instructor or departmental approvals, until

  • Wednesday, January 30 - first 7 week courses
  • Sunday, February 3 - full semester courses

In the Office of the Registrar

Courses that do require instructor or departmental approval must be made in person, in the Office of the Registrar, until the deadlines below.

Your adviser's signature is required when making changes in the Office of the Registrar. The instructor's, as well as the adviser's signature is required to audit a class, or enroll in a closed course. The instructor's, adviser's and department chair's signatures are required to enroll in independent work. Printed emails are accepted as signatures.

1st seven week courses

  • Friday, February 1 - add first 7 week courses with instructors approval or drop first 7 week courses
  • Friday, February 15 - last day to withdraw from first 7 week courses with a "W"

Full semester courses

  • Friday, February 1 - add full semester courses that require instructor approval
  • Friday, February 8 - last day to drop full semester courses without a "W" or audit full semester courses that were added by February 3.
  • Friday, April 12 - last day to withdraw from full semester courses with a "W"

2nd seven week courses

  • Friday, March 29, last day to add, drop or audit second 7 week courses
  • Friday, April 12, last day to withdraw from second 7 week courses with a "W"

Refer to Important Dates for Students 2018-19 (PDF) for the schedule for all add, drop and withdrawal dates.