Involuntary Withdrawal for Medical Reasons

Goucher College intends to apply this policy in a nondiscriminatory manner and will make determinations based on observation of a student's conduct, actions, and statements, and not merely on knowledge or belief that a student is an individual with a disability or a physical or mental health condition.

  • The college may involuntarily withdraw a student from classes, remove a student from residence halls, or require conditions for continued enrollment when, as a result of a medical condition, one of the following transpires1:     
  • The student significantly disrupts the activities of the college community; or
  • The student poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others; or
  • The student demonstrates evidence of significant impairment such that s/he is not qualified to participate in the academic or residential life of the college, and is unable to make an independent determination that a voluntary leave is needed.
  • In the circumstances described above, the Assistant Dean for Student Development (ADSD) or designee, in consultation with appropriate medical, psychological, or academic resources, may involuntarily withdraw a student from his or her classes, remove the student from the residence halls, or place conditions on the student's continued enrollment. This decision must be based on an assessment about 1) the probability, nature, duration and severity of the disruption, threat or impairment; and 2) whether reasonable modifications of policies, practices or procedures can mitigate the risks of allowing the student to remain enrolled.
  • Under certain circumstances and either before or after making a decision to involuntarily withdraw the student, the ADSD may mandate that the student undergo a psychological or medical assessment to assist in evaluating the student's ability to participate successfully in college life.
  • The ADSD's determination regarding involuntary withdrawal and the reasons supporting that determination will be shared in written form with the student. The written notification shall include a determination regarding the length of separation from the college and describe the conditions under which the student may seek to return.
  • A student may appeal an involuntary withdrawal determination to the Vice President and Dean of Students, whose decision is the final decision of the college.
  • Students involuntarily withdrawn from classes will receive a "W" for all courses attempted during that semester. The W will be reflected on the student's official transcript.
  • Students who are involuntarily withdrawn are subject to the College's Refund Policy in the same manner as students who voluntarily withdraw from the college.
  • Goucher maintains a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirement, and a Return of Federal Title IV Funds requirement, both of which are mandated by federal financial aid regulations. A withdrawing student must consult with the Office of Financial Aid to determine the effect of withdrawal on financial aid under these policies.
  • Goucher also has implemented and enforces a policy regarding Academic Progress Toward a Degree ("APTD" policy) for full-time students. An involuntary withdrawal may affect the student's ability to meet the requirements of that policy and the student may be subject to suspension and/or dismissal under that policy.
  • A student who is granted a medical or compassionate withdrawal will have a hold placed upon his or her registration by the Dean's office, pending a successful request to return to the college.
  • Students seeking reinstatement to the college after involuntary withdrawal must follow the same procedure outlined for students seeking reinstatement after voluntary withdrawal for medical reasons.
  • All records concerning involuntary withdrawal will be kept separately from the student's academic record in accordance with college policy on the confidentiality of student records.

1 A student who is subject to the involuntary withdrawal procedure may also be adjudicated for his or her conduct pursuant to the Student Code of Conduct.