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Student Responsibilities

Student athletes will, on occasion, have varsity athletic contests scheduled at times which conflict with regularly scheduled academic classes. The following policy regarding student responsibilities will apply.

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  • At the beginning of each semester (or in the case of second seven-week courses, at the beginning of the course) students will provide their instructors with a schedule of athletic contests for which they have an obligation to attend or participate and request the opportunity to attend such events (or scheduled departure time for such events) which conflict with the regularly scheduled class time or with previously scheduled special activities for the course. The absences will then be listed on a contract signed by both the instructor and the student.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to make up and complete work covered in class during the approved absence and to obtain all handouts, special assignments, and notes from the missed class. It is expected that the student will not be absent for any other reason in this class. Any abuse of this expectation by the student may result in grade penalties depending on an instructor’s attendance/grading policy and/or notification by the instructor to the associate academic dean or the dean of students for appropriate action.
  • The instructor has the right to deny a requested absence for any schedule conflict in which the previously scheduled course-related activity is essential to successful completion of the course and is of such a nature that it is unreasonable to expect that the scheduled activity can be made up at a different time.
  • Any assignment that is due on the day of the absence must be submitted by the student directly to the instructor (or, in the absence of the instructor, to the appropriate faculty secretary) prior to the scheduled course time.
  • If an examination, quiz, oral presentation, or other similar assignment is scheduled on the day of the absence, it is the student’s responsibility to meet with the instructor prior to the absence to discuss arrangements for completing any work that will be missed.
  • The athletic program will schedule such events well in advance and adhere to those schedules as closely as possible to avoid last minute conflicts. In the case of any unavoidable changes in the time of an event for which the absence has been arranged, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructor immediately in person to seek approval for a revised absence.
  • In the case of any changes in the schedule of class assignments or activities which conflict with the students’ previously agreed to absences, it is the responsibility of the instructor to notify the student and schedule a meeting to discuss the impact of the change and make alternative arrangements. Except in the case of unavoidable extenuating circumstances forcing a change in class schedule, it is expected that the instructor will honor the previously agreed to absences.


Student-Athlete Responsibilities in Academic Schedule Conflicts Form