Other Information


Actual expenses for meals and tips are reimbursable. Please try to use your corporate credit card for these services whenever possible. Meal expenses should be reasonable and be claimed only when there is actual meal expense (e.g., not at a meeting where the registration fee includes a meal or meals). If you are not using a corporate credit card, receipts for meals must be submitted with a travel expense voucher.


All reasonable hotel/motel expenses, when supported by vouchers, are reimbursable. Please try to use your corporate credit card for this expense whenever possible. (No maximum is established because it is recognized that reasonable expense differs according to size of the town and area of the country.)


  1. Reasonable telephone charges, conference registration fees, and official representation expense as approved by the administrator of the accounts are allowed.
  2. Personal items (e.g., alcoholic beverages, laundry charges, coffee breaks, entertainment, in-house cable movies, etc.) are not allowed.


Travelers may combine personal travel with college travel as long as the official trip serves a valid and authorized college purpose. The basic rule is that the traveler pays any and all additional costs of the personal portions. The traveler also has full responsibility and liability for any events that occur during personal portions of the trip.


A cash advance may be requested but should be limited to $100, except for special circumstances. Cash advance requests are made by submitting an approved service requisition form to the Controller's Office. A check will be made payable to the traveler. At the conclusion of the trip, all expenses should be itemized with the cash advance indicated as an offset to the total expense.


The college will allow travel expenses for authorized trips by prospective faculty and professional staff employees, consultants, and official guests of the college. These expenses require prior approval of the appropriate senior staff member. The expenses of spouses or others who are not employees or official guests of the college are not allowed.


In addition to the regular health, liability, and disability insurance coverage, the college also provides additional loss of life, injury, and liability protection for employees who are traveling on college-related business. Also, as stated in the rental car section, the college provides collision and damage, and comprehensive liability coverage for rental car usage. Refer to the Other Services section for additional insurance information.


Key items to remember:

  1. Travel authorization from the appropriate supervisor should be obtained prior to incurring any travel-related expenses.
  2. A request for a cash advance for travel must be made at least one week before the traveler wishes payment.
  3. The travel expense reimbursement voucher should be submitted to the Controller's Office within five business days after completing travel.
  4. Travel expense reimbursement voucher and service requisition forms are available in the public folders and the Controller's Office in the Dorsey College Center.
  5. If you have any questions, contact the director of procurement and auxiliary services on extension 6134.