Authorization and Procedures


  1. All requests for travel advances, tickets, or reimbursement of travel expenses require the prior approval of the administrator of the departmental account to which the travel expenses will be charged.
  2. Travel expense reimbursement vouchers submitted are also subject to audit and change by the Controller's Office for determination of allowable expense for reimbursement in accordance with the provisions of this policy. Travel reports should be submitted no later than 30 days after incurring the expense.


  • The Goucher College Travel Portal provides comprehensive links to transportation, lodging, and travel information, as well as hotel and car rental discounts, and double frequent-flyer miles on certain airlines.
  • Goucher College employees are encouraged to use the portal to plan for their next trip and are required to use their college-issued credit card for booking all business-related travel. The portal also serves the needs of parents, students, alumnae/i, and guests of the college who would like to arrange a visit to Goucher College or to the Baltimore area.
  • To make reservations with a travel agency please use the agencies referenced on the travel portal.


  1. Individual airline reservations should be charged to your corporate credit card. If you are making reservations for a group, the College's ghost credit card should be used. (Contact the director of procurement and auxiliary services for information regarding the ghost card.)
  2. The use of a corporate credit card is protection for the college against someone making reservations who is not associated with or authorized to travel on behalf of the college. The cost of the airfare should not exceed regular air coach fares. You are urged to arrange early booking to take advantage of any discounts available.