1. This is a no-fee card issued in your name on behalf of Goucher College.
  2. Merchants are paid within three days of your business transaction. Please indicate to merchants that you do not wish to be invoiced, as an invoice could result in a duplicate payment
  3. The program provides you with the goods needed to perform your job efficiently and with fewer steps to accomplish the task.
  4. To ensure the ongoing success of the program, we ask you to exercise good judgment and act responsibly when using your card. The card is issued in your name, and all activity will be assumed to have been incurred by you. We ask you to maintain your expense report accurately and always retain your receipts.
  5. Consequences, ranging from suspension of cards to termination of employment, may be invoked for improper use of the program. PERSONAL USE OF THE CARD IS PROHIBITED.
  6. Because this card may also be used for travel purposes, you should be aware that there is a travel procedures policy in place for the college. Visit the website or contact the director of procurement services if you would like a copy of the policy or if you have any questions.
  7. It is our mission to continue improve the way we conduct business. Your use of this program in conducting your daily business can help us make significant change in eliminating a variety of manual transactions.

If you have any questions about the program or need additional information, contact the director of procurement and auxiliary services.